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Bill Phillips in Wheelchair After Nearly Dying from Covid

Not a big fan of what he did with MM back in the day, but hey it was his company, and without that decision we wouldn’t have this-here website. He thought he was immune since he’d tested positive for Covid months earlier. Hope the guy makes it through OK:

Couldn’t agree more. I followed MM2k from about '97 on and it bears repeating that, despite him killing MM, and despite his crazy OCD tendencies (TC has some great stories), he was likely a central pillar in the body-building and supplement landscape we see today.

After all, this was the guy that successfully introduced creatine (Phosphagen), whey protein isolate, HMB, CLA and numerous other products to the world. He may have been nuts at times, but he clearly excelled at marketing. MM2k was also the first publication that openly talked about steroids in bodybuilding, at a time when it was completely taboo.

I know that guys like Dan Duchaine, Charles Poloquin, Charles Staley and other great minds might not have had they exposure they had without Phillips. Hell, like you said, without him we might not even have TC today.

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