Bill Phillips in Penthouse

Has anyone read the interview with Bill Phillips in the latest issue of Penthouse? I thought he said some pretty interesting things about different body types. For instance, he said that a lot of women will eat more for the purpose of hiding their sexuality–so men won’t find them attractive and they don’t have to be worried being hit upon. He also mentioned that those who are open with their sexuality will stick out their bellies, while those who are not hide their bellies. He then makes references with Bush, Gore, and Clinton with those statements. I thought the interview was interesting, or how Dana Carvey would say in his Jonny Carson imitation, “It’s pretty wild stuff!” Oh, and the pictorals in this issue kick ass. They’re good for those who use scented candles and need to get their T levels restored. Just Kidding. Just Kidding.

Yeah, I read it when I got it in the mail a few weeks ago. What he said, wasn’t much more than what you could get from reading books by Anthony Robbins or some of the other authors that Bill reads. Oh well, it was a decent article nonetheless. And yes, the pictorials were pretty good. Not as good as my recent issue of Gallery. Damn, that mag has some hella hotties in it. I guess it helps balance out the scented candles! :wink:

Nate–“Hella hotties?” Are you from upstate NY?? Hehe

Nah bro, can’t say I’m from NY. Actually, I’m originally from RI. But have lived in Florida for the past 12 years. You like them “hella hotties” too? It’s all good! :slight_smile: