Bill Phillips Girlfriend=STRIPPER!

In a recent issue of outside magazine, there is an article about Bill Phillips. It states that Bills “Girlfriend” at the time, Amy Cusak, was a former stripper and playboy model. If I remember correctly she was that really cute blonde who was his “executive vice president in charge of blah, blah, blah, blah”. Is it true that she was a stripper and playboy bunny? I really thought he was gay from the first time I have ever seen him (not that there is anything wrong with that).

She was a playmate. Muscle Media used to talk about that and show some of her platmate pictures with little hearts over her boobs. I remember that. Stripper? Who knows.

Bro there’s nothing wrong with dating strippers.

Yeah, what is wrong with being a stripper??

I have a few friends that strip…they have degrees AND other jobs, but the stripping pays well. Why not take advantage of men that like to give away their paychecks? Smart cookies, those strippers.

-Dated a stripper in Guam. Nothing wrong with dating them unless you’re the jealous kind.

Very true. Although I do have to say that I’ve found alot of the stereotypes to be true ex. cokeheads, golddiggers, and overall just being dirty slamhogs. However, I do know some who don’t fall into this category. Still don’t like the idea of my girl grinding her twat/ass and titties all over some guys rod dying to burst through his levis.

Insecure gay people sometimes use a girlfriend as cover.

Let him enjoy himself, he made his money. Alot of people hate him cause he went more mainstream, but during MuscleMedias heyday he helped alot of people out,through his reference books and bring decent nutritional supplements to us all(Met-rx,creatine, importance of glutamine, fatty acids, etc… (although the HMB like Deca was BS and the start of the downfall).

Got pics?

Colt-Severs…you made a good point. Bill Phillips did alot of good for all of us. His biggest mistake was his statement that he would never change the committment that MM2K made to the industry.

oh…by the way Shank…on being gay…you said there was nothing wrong with that…(worn out Seinfield line that is lame now…)
Is anal sex between two men natural? Do you have two daddies?..
just wondering…

“Is anal sex between two men natural?”

It must be, since people are born homosexual.

PtrDr is the moral majority equivalent of Lumpy.

Please don’t confuse my views with PtrDctr.

There is no such thing as a “Moral majority version of Lumpy”, you redneck fucktard.

Thank you.

Any pics of Bill Philips old lady?

Lumpy, I thought you were Mr. Compassionate over on the thread about handicapped people? Now you’re stereotyping someone based on where they live and calling them names? Everything in your post was an okay defense of yourself until you go and pull out your childish name-calling. Thanks for lowering expectations of this board once again.

On another note, Warhorse kicks ass.

Doogie…I am not injecting morals into it…YOU are. I am asking a simple medical question: is anal sex between two men “natural”? and do you or the other people on here have two daddies?..was anyone on here born out of some guys ass?..pinched out like a big brown terd?..just a medical/biological question…

Actually, Lumpy, I’m not a redneck. I’m just generic poor white trash. I am, however, a fuctard.

–I am asking a simple medical question: is anal sex between two men “natural”? …was anyone on here born out of some guys ass?..pinched out like a big brown terd?

Do you object to anal sex between a man and a woman? No one here was born out of some chicks ass, either. What about blowjobs? No one here was spit out of some chicks mouth.

You cant answer the questions I posed.
Nuff said…

What the hell do you mean by “Natural”?