Bill Phillips article in US Weekly

I was flipping through this weeks US Weekly and it contains an article on Bill Philips. It has a large picture of Bill wearing a tight blue shirt and shorts that are too short. He also has blond highlights and looks super-gay. The article talks about how he built his fortune, gives away money, and is a great motivator. According the magazine “ Phillip’s next goal is to spiritually over-haul the entertainment business, which he sees as being too focused on violence. Phillips says he want to ‘compete with all of the negative message-givers’ by creating educational and entertaining television shows.” The article ends by saying “But will Phillips, who lives alone, mostly in a Spanish Mediterranean-style house in Golden, ever find a soul mate to share his almost-perfect life? He thinks so. ‘It’s not about finding Mrs. Right,’ he says. ‘It’s about becoming Mr. Right. I’m training myself to be ready for family life.’ Philips plans to be married and on his way to having children by the time he’s 40.” What the hell happend to this guy?

Every woman read his book

bill discovered that the hardcore group had smaller pockets than fat, overweight people

Hey, why player hate a multi millionair? He may look like a pure fag with a fat head (seriously, homos would look at his uber-cranium and know he is fakin the aids magnatism) but he went out and did it. His magazine was a good Hard Core rag and now is a good mainstream rag. I would not want to spend alot of time around his pansy ass wardrobe and his good year tete, and I think his book is shit, but you judge a business man by the greenbacks, he is good at something.

When you 100’s of milions of dollars in the bank, money can do some weird things to you. When he says he wants to “spiritually over-haul the entertainment business,” what religion is he talking about? Body of Workism?

I have nothing against Bill being a millionaire or how he made his money. I just think since he’s become rich he has lost touch with reality. He went from being someone who could relate with the average person to someone seeking spiritual enlightenment. Most people don’t have the time to devote to making themselves perfect. I also don’t think having people around you kissing your ass all day helps (The article had quotes from people saying how great he is). I don’t like it that Bill thinks there too much violence so he’s going to make a difference, presumably for the kids he is going to have. If people didn’t like violence in their shows than they would stop watching and it wouldn’t be profitable to make violent shows. We already have the PAX channel with bad reruns.

they kindly ignored “Feels like deca” and other outright lies by BP in this article.

he saw one too many Oprah shows. nut hey, what ever makes ya’ happy. if he tries to put out shows good for him, as long as he doesn’t become one of those who want to control what I watch. and if anyone ever saw some one waste away and die from aids they would NOT joke about it, it realy is NOT funny. peace

The man is full of contradictions. Didn’t TC mention in one of his Atomic Dogs that the man was abusive to his family? Now he wants to create tv shows that are educational and not violent. If he’s gonna overhaul the entertainment business which he says is too violent, good luck. The truth is, believe it or not, violence sells. Just look at the WWF. I remember a long time ago there was a news type show that broadcasted all the happy/positive evets that happened in peoples lives. The show didn’t last a season.

I just hope one day he comes out and totally disses TC and T-mag, so Tc will just spill the whole story for us. If TC came out with a book about this whole debacle and it cost$50 a pop, I would definately buy it, even if he made it fiction by changing the names (hint hint) to protect the innocent.

I can’t understand why people are obsessed with the lives of others, especially celebrities. Is it insecurity? A sick, twisted desire to point out flaws in others in order to feel good about oneself? I personally have never gossiped about anyone and don’t give a damn what people do or what they become as long as they leave me alone.

I think BP forgot to take his Clomid one time too many.

sorry guys, but I think I am missing something…are a couple of you insinuating that Bill Phillips is suffering from AIDS? or am I just completely misinterpreting? Please clear this up for me!

I responded to someone else comenting on his aids magnatism, I do not find it funny and I hope no one ever knows anyone that dies of this terible dissease. peace

Maybe too much Clomid? LMAO