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Bill Pearl's nutrition advice in Keys to the Inner Universe

in “Keys to the Inner Universe”, Bill Pearl advocates a lower protein diet (around 1/2g per pound of body weight) coming mostly from eggs, milk, and vegetables. he talks down on eating meat and says to keep its intake limited. i know Bill Pearl is a respectable figure in the bodybuilding community, but what am i to make of this advice??? anyone with opinions on the matter?

I just got his book getting stronger. His recommendations are one, due to him being a vegetarian, and two, not being a nutritional scientist. He may be the type that can get away with that low of a protein intake. Plus, (and if I’m wrong on the medical comments I’m about to make, please correct me) he suffers from high blood pressure and possibly gout (he was complaining of joint problems at age 39). Red meat may increase the risk of gout (which is caused by the body’s inefficent elimination of uric acid), and blood pressure, if you choose just any ole piece of meat.

I read one time that Bill Pearl had his cholesterol checked and it was like over 300 and his doctor said he better do something or he was “gonna die”.I think that’s why he went to a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. I’m not positive on all this but that’s basically what I remember. Maybe that’s why he recommends a lower protein intake.

Pearl’s books are great for exercise descriptions, some psychological benefit and a little bodybuilding history. He has an amazing physique, but his nutrition advice is biased and unfounded.

In addition to being extremely gifted genetically (can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head who won Universe-level titles over a period of 18 years…), Pearl built the mass he had before he became a vegetarian. So is his recommendation for gaining mass? I don’t think so (haven’t read the book, though…). Probably he’s talking about maintaining mass, which is a whole 'nother ball game.

I am 19 now.I don’t know if I have bad cholesterol levels.But what can I do to not have high cholesterol level?

Ken- stop eating sugar and refined carbs (junk food,sodas,etc),stick with fish and protein powders for your protein sources for now and eat a ton of green and red vegetables (fiber)as much as you can) eat garlic (or Kayolic capsules) Coenzyme Q10, lecitin,B comlex, B3 (niacin not niacinamide), and Shitake and Reishi mushrooms should help, then after a couple months (when CH. goes down) you could introduce meat once a week and see what happens.
Re: Bill Pearl. He once mentione an interesting theory of his where he talked about men in prison and how they got big without much quality food because they had to, in order to survive and that your body (and mind) would do what they have to in order to survive. Most of us do not have to get big. Interesting theory though.