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Bill Pearl's Book Question

Do you think that the informations mentionned in the book “keys to the inner universe” printed in 1992 are still usefull? or do you think the book could be outdated?

Because I was about to buy a copy but when I saw that it was printed in 1992…I would prefer having your opinions on that before paying about $50 for an outdated book.

I have this book. It is pretty cool when you order it, that when you call the number for ordering, Bill Pearl answers the phone.

There are a ridculous number of exercises in this book that might give you some ideas. It has some interesting histories and old pictures, as well as some nutrition and overall health info. I’ve gotten more out of T-mag over the years, though.

Ok, but do you have any other books that you suggest?(and available on amazon.ca)

Training or nutrition doesn’t matter.

But I don’t need beginner books I’m looking for advance tips and techniques for nutrition or training.

The reason is I want to buy the michael colgan book (The new power program) and I am looking for an another item in order to get my free shipping option.

Did you ever read the Sports Nutrition Guide: Minerals, Vitamins & Antioxidants for Athletes of Colgan?

It’s a classic…buy it.

Is 1992 edition is the last one?

In a recommedation of other books:

Mel Siff - Super Training

Vladimir Zatsiorsky - Science and Practic of Strength Training

Christain Thibideau - The Big Black Book of Training Secrets

Any other suggestions guys?

  • What about the warrior diet book and Maximum Muscle: Minimum Fat by Ori Hofmekler?

  • Power to the people by Pavel Tsatsouline

Most people don’t seem too hot on the Warrior Diet.

Power to the people is pretty good, basic information but might not be what you’re after. If you have questions about what is covered in those products you may want to post on that company’s forum.