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Bill Pearls 20 Month Program


This is a link to Bill Pearls “20 Months to a Champion Physique”. Id like to hear what your takes are on this program. Anything at all you want to comment on.

Im expecting to hear things like overtraining, not enough rest time, etc…

Im just interested to hear the responses.

Just browsing over this, I noticed I’ve tried something similar. Basically a psuedo expert plan. No supersets.

Check for my post off of the “building a better body” or run a search or look at my previous post “13 times a week/5weeks.”

Just to brief you, I got great results from a program, just make sure you respond pretty well to high volume training. I did a lot of supplemental cardio, but still-great results.

You’ll get mixed reviews, but I say, make sure you know what you need to eat and get tons of rest. Good luck!

(Note, I didn’t check your profile, but I hope you’ve been training for a couple years before you try this.)