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Bill or Brock -Warrior diet and starvation mode

I am 5’8" 168 lbs at about 13% b.f. I started the warrior diet at about 2500 cals a night(along the T-mag guidelines), at first it seemed to be o.k. but then I noticed I was not getting any tighter, my face would actually start to look a little more swollen and my abs a touch smoother as the day got later and later. So I decided to drop cals to 2000 which at first seemed to help, but then the same reaction started to creep in. So I’m wondering if maybe my thinking was in reverse and that actually 2500 might have been too low and starvation mode was kicking in(I have definetly been susceptible to this responce in the past). If that is the case then should I bump calories up to 3000? I am pretty firm on staying with this dieting strategy as I believe in it and it fits my life style well.

I dont know too much about the diet but I have read a little about it.I think the negative effect of the diet is due to the long period of fasting during the day that the program is based on.When the fast is over and you finally eat something, your body is responding by overly compensating the lack of nutrients that it had received during the earlier part of the day, therefore making you bloated.Again, I dont know too much about the program so excuse me if I sound stupid.

JJ, i have been doing the warrior diet for several months now (about 6 if not more). it is very convenient and very easy to stick to. hell, during the day i don’t even think about eating anyway, then at the end of the day i get to eat like a man should eat. i am 5’10" 205lbs (i don’t use bodyfat measurements as a progress tool, i just look in the mirror) and i consume on avg about 3,000 cal daily. by the looks of it i am being fairly conservative on the caloric intake (being only 15X my bodyweight) but i am able to progress. in the last five to six months i have put on over 25lbs while on this diet, so regardless of the conservatism i am still making gains. and i’ve stayed as lean as i was at 175lbs. the only bloating i’ve noticed is immediately after the meal–up to several hours after there is a fullness and a bloating. i’ve always just chalked that up to being ‘full’. perhaps i am not being as critical as i should on the examination of my appearance, but i have certainly never noticed any smoothness that isn’t there any other time. i will keep my eyes open though and let you know. JJ (and any others on the warrior diet), it would be great to compare ‘real world’ notes on this and see what could be done better.

Thanks for the responces. I don’t think I have a choice but to try and bump calories up, because I know from experience that going lower(1500) would be a poor choice. I am someone who doesn’t get leaner but smaller when calories teeter on being sub-sufficient. I would really like to hear Bill or Brocks thoughts on my above dilemma.

If your noticing it later in the day it’s due to bloating from the food. Same thing happens to me, in the morning and afternoon I look cut and tight, but when I get that meal or two in me I look very watery. If you are just trying to maintain, then I would keep the cals at 2500.

No Czar, actually it is occuring as the day get’s later BEFORE I have any of my meals. That’s why I thought it was a stress induced reaction rather than one secondary to excess caloric intake. I actually look a little better after I have my carb inclusive meals…at least for a while.

This is a very interesting predicement, I too would like an answer to this question. Is this a case where traditional wisdom could be wrong?