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Bill or Brock: Sust. Cycle

I couldn’t find any info about this from the search. My question is whether its possible to use sustenon-250 for a 2on/4off cycle. Most people say it takes 3 to 4 weeks to kick in and a cycle of at least 8 weeks is best. Thank you.

You don’t need Bill or Brock to answer this one. The answer is NO you cannot. Sus and Omnadren are long acting and will be in your system even after your 4 weeks “off”. You need to use a short acting AAS. Such as test prop, tren, winny, etc.

I basically agree with Deniz but would like to add that, technically, one can use Sustanon, just not as the be-all end-all base drug of the cycle, because not so much can be used. 750 mg can be injected on the first day, and then none after that. Obviously, if 750 mg is all the steroids that is being used, not much is going to happen.

However, some have supplemented this with a lot of orals and have gotten good results. The most dramatic results I’ve heard of used, of all things, methyltestosterone as the second steroid, going up to a pretty high dose, probably 100 mg/day, by the second week when the Sustanon was getting low in the system (probably started at 50 mg/day but I do not recall exactly.)

I don’t know anyone who has supplemented an Androsol cycle with Sustanon, but certainly adding 750 mg on day 1 would add something to the cycle. (As odd as it sounds to describe a pharmaceutical steroid as being a supplement to a legal “prohormone” product, that really is what it is in this case, since the amount of testosterone is so much less than the amount of 4-AD, and the 4-AD will be contributing much more to the gains in this case, the total amount of T being so low.)

So it can be used, but only as a supplement to a cycle that gets most of its efficacy from other, short-acting things.