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Bill or Brock- My Doctors Willing to Prescribe!

I have a pretty open minded doc who is willing to Rx me some anavar and oral winstrol. I was thinking of doing each seperately alternating for four weeks at a time at doses of 20mg and 25mg/day respectively (I know this is not much but…). My questions are the following: 1)can I keep doing this cycle indefinetly or do I need to come off for a while 2) Iis it better to take them together rather than apart 3 He is also willing to Rx clomid and arimedex, should I take both DURING the same times I’m taking the orals or are they not neccessary on such low doses (i.e. will the above items at such doses suppress normal testosterone production and convert to estrogen 4) Do I need proscar or propecia to keep my hair? 5) And finally is there a risk of liver toxicity with these drugs and would milk thistle (or something else) be advised to help protect it? I know this is a lot of questions but since I’ve got legal access I want to do everything right. Thanks for your time and help.

Liver toxicity is generally not an issue at all with
oxandrolone until you hit 40mg per day or more and
even then, it’s not considered pathological in most
people until 80mg or so (this is based on unpublished
research conducted by a drug company I interviewed with for
a job once). As for stanozolol, I am not really sure
how much you can ingest without a problem.

I think 25mg of oxandrolone with 25-50mg of stanozolol
would make a kick ass stack for 6-8 weeks. I am sure
there will be some HPTA inhibition but since neither
aromatizes to an estrogen, it will be substantially
less than a stack with testosterone or dianabol.

To be honest, Bill and I tossed around an idea that if we could
put any roid(s) in a capsule that we wanted to make a
“super vitamin”, we’d put 20-25mg of oxandrolone and
50mg of stanozolol with 50mg of methenolone acetate.
So you have 2/3rds of what we considered to be “ideal”.

I would expect VERY good and quite permanent gains from
this type of thing too.

You’re truly blessed if you can find an MD to Rx Anavar
and Winstrol for you…but be prepared to spend a fortune
filling the prescriptions.

BTW…it is not called Anavar anymore, it is called