Bill need some advice

Bill I Just found out- I was invited to Spring Training with the Kansas City Royals Organization. I have worked my ass off the past 6 months to get leaner and stronger and I have to say i have succeded, I am 6’0 192 12% bf 22 years old. I have 4 weeks left to even get stronger and i want to give 100% effort these next 4 weeks. My question is - I can’t afford mag 10 but i was thinking of using androsol and tribex… can u give me exact dosage and schedueling to use these suplements to get stronger over the next 4 weeks (if i add muscle size great. Plus how can i get these supplements fast (in days). I follow Elite Fitness- Westside type training,
thanks J.D


It’s simple enough really – I’d use maximum label dose of each for the entire period.

Some vendors, e.g. Netrition (at ) offer next day or 2nd day shipping.

It seems to me that Androsol plus Tribex costs
about the same as MAG-10. But MAG-10 would give
better strength gains, I expect.

Hope it goes well for you!

Biotest offers next day shipping!

J.D–Go to DPS Nutrition(dotcom). They have Mag10 at a more affordable price. Also they ship within a day or two.

Go to

best prices on the net, or anywhere for that matter.

Thanks For the help everyone