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Bill: Methoxy Dosing (my experiment)

Bill (and others),
I just picked up 4 bottles of methoxy and i am conducting my own little experiment with a standardized diet and training program. My question is, how would you say i should dose it. My plan calls for using it at twice the labeled dosage for twice the length of time. But would you say it is more favorable to take 2tsp 4x per day about 3-4hrs apart or to take 4tsp 2x per day about 6-8hrs apart. Or will further experimentation be required. Thanks a heap, Justin

Yes, I would try the double dose. At that, the 4 bottles would last 24 days, 6 each. Right? I don’t know if the more frequent doses matters. Bill could answer that one.

In the Methoxy experiment, I think they’re having the dosing done three times a day, split up among the double dose. (So take reccommended dose times 2, and divide total by three for the dose each time). Bill, correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, we’re doing it that way at least
for part of the experiment. I hope actually
that people can do, for example, three weeks
of 3x/day, three weeks of 2x/day (but same total dose), three weeks again at 3x/day, then finally three weeks again at 2x/day, to give an evaluation whether this is a worthwhile difference or not according to the dosing protocol. The pharmacokinetics we did, did show partial drop off between hours 9-12 (though still substantial levels at 12 hours) so it’s possible that 8 hour dosing could be a little better.