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Bill->Methoxy 7 question

Bill, just a quick question since some of us forumites will be methoxy-ing it up soon. When taking the doses, is it necessary to hold the formula under your tongue for 30 seconds? Is this the same as “swishing” it around? I have always held it in my mouth for the rec. time but was just wondering if this practice was critical for results. In other words, how does it effect absorbtion? Thanks again for letting myself and the T-nation participate.

I doubt there’s much if any point to the swishing. I don’t bother with it myself. It’s one of things that couldn’t hurt and might possibly help a little.

In the blood tests that were done, there was no swishing, and so no comparison of whether sublingual absorption adds anything.

Got it Bill.

Great question poohbaya. I always hold it under my tongue and swish it around as it tatses sooo pleasant!

Bill, does Methoxy-7 have any liposomes that warrant that? Also, what it it that makes it taste so sweet?

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