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Bill Maher on Obama


Caught me by surprise, but I don't necessarily disagree with him.


True, i don't like his style of comedy but what he says is true. Obama is a one trick pony.


Walter Reid Memorial Hospital == Government Managed Health Care.

No thanks.


Good enough for soldiers (i.e. poor people) not good enough for my family.


I think we should go full blown socialized medicine


You really aren't playing with a full deck are you? I really hope your joking and I just missed it.

Let's leave aside whether it's even a good idea or not (it's not). Let's just talk about money. There is no fucking way on God's green earth that we can afford that right now or for the foreseeable future. That amount of spending is simply not feasible.


You are allowed to disagree, just my opinion. I believe the Ins. Companies are making too much profit on the whole thing as we know it. You do know where that profit comes from?


Full blown socialism means no one in the medical field will profit from their work. Do you understand the consequences of this?


yeah, it comes from the productivity of the employees and assets of the company.


Profit drives free market business. It provides jobs. Are you promoting unemployment? Are you promoting spending on credit?

Is profit evil to you?


Profit is the excess of the money spent


Everybody would make a wage, maybe not the best system, but I believe it to be better than the INS companies running everything.


Insurance companies are basically banks today and banks are Insurance companies. It is a big Goat fuck. There are no mechanics, it is all shuffling paper and creating wealth.


The excess of what?


So what?

As long as they are creating wealth?


I bet calculus is all just moving numbers around, right?
No mechanics there either, right?

What about physics?
No rules there either...just a Goat fuck?

Economics is a science.
Just because you don't understand it, doesn't make it magic.


a liberal calling out the president? HOLY SHIT BATMAN! good on him, at least Maher doesn't mindlessly toe the line like some of his cohorts.


So then what you're telling me is that I should start discouraging my son from going to medical school since there will be no incentive for him to try and cure cancer, for example.

You don't get it do you?


I watch his show, and while he is much more liberal than I am, he does bring up some good points. At the very least, you will laugh, because I think he calls alot of shit like it is. When he called Obama the chocolate Jesus I couldn't believe it.


He's a Libertarian, not a liberal. There is a difference between the two.


only when it comes to legalizing weed.