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Bill Maher on Democrats


A defense of his comments from last week, including the part where he tells Republicans that just because he criticized Obama, it doesn't mean they're on the same team now.

Pretty much sums up my feelings on politics right now in this country. The best part starts at 2:00 in.


We are in league, I agree with all but gun control


"Nancy Pelosi got so mad her face moved" ...lol


Did he honestly just call the Democrats a center-right party? By WHAT definition of left and right?


That's where I am too. I'm anti-gun control, and surprised that someone like Maher is too.


By the fact that they're owned by the same big companies that the GOP is, and that they're standing in the way of progressive ideas. Did you watch the damn clip?


I did. Again, there is absolutely nothing that ties big companies to the directional axis of the political spectrum.

Progressive? What you'd consider progressive and what I consider progressive could be very different.

He's basically done what he loves to mock the GOP for doing: Turing it all into an us v them scenario.

The right has about as much to do with "blocking progress" and "being under the thumb of corporations" as the left has to do with "America hating hippies" and "help for those who need it."

Painting the political landscape with such blatantly polarizing terms is beyond absurd. There isn't a left right and in between. There ARE ideas. Tons of them. You can't just make up a scale and say "OK, I like all of this stuff to this stuff must be "left", and I hate all of this bad stuff so I'm going to call it "right.""

Saying torture is "right wing" is fucking ridiculous. In fact, torture is very very LEFT wing by the traditional definition. This does NOT mean in any way I am implying people on "the left" condone torture. I'm just pointing out that painting everything "bad" as being "rightwing" is disgusting to the very same degree that calling Democrats Unamerican simply for being Democrats is disgusting.


He sensationalizes a bit for laughs, yes. But the GOP is full of religious wackos. It is full of people that deny science. It's full of people that... well, racists don't vote Democrat.

And I'm sure he's not talking about the historical basis of torture, but what more at who is taking up the flag in favor of torturing people- and that's Republicans.

And torture is not a "left wing" thing. It's a people thing. Where the fuck are you getting that one from?


This is extremely retarded. What about racist union members? What about racist farmers? What about racist souther Democrats? What about the NAACP?


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I think what Bill Maher is showing, is that people don't need to be a part of either party to think intelligently. Both Dems and Reps have their strengths and flaws, but people can't think so black and white anymore. There are issues where being left or right is the ideal position. I think that is what Maher is best at showing. One minute he is for legalizing pot, the next, he is against the Wall Street bailout. Either way, he is funny.


Right. That's why I like him. Though he is clearly liberal, he will take different positions and make people think about it.

I also like that he's willing to be brutal on Democrats as well. Ideology is more important than the party... the party ain't shit without a bedrock of certain values. Politicians, very often, forget all about this.


If you like, I can send you my copy of Religulous?


He has the balls to call it like it is, in most cases. He is for free health care, but no one has a reasonable way to finance it without hitting up the tax payers. That's where it will fail, because no matter how wonderful it sounds to have free healthcare, it won't be free for shit. I think it might be feasible if some other shit changed. But last week he flamed Obama and I was glad, because again he called it right. Stop dangling the carrot in front of us, and put up or shut up.

You know Maher is left, but even he thinks Obama is too far left.




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The majority of people are stupid and scared, why would you let them have a gun?


Because in this country we believe the government does not grant us rights. Also, what do you know about guns? Have you ever fired one? Been taught marksmanship? Gun safety? Hunted?

Know how a 1911 is different from a S&W revolver in operation?

Probably not.


But it's okay if they join the military, right?


The racist union members have all voted Republican since Reagan. Similarly, Southern Democrats, the old fashioned kind at least, have virtually all switched to the Republicans (look up the "Southern Strategy). I'm not sure what you mean about "racist farmers" being Democrats - people listing their occupation as "farmer" or "rancher" gave money to Republicans over Democrats in the most recent cycle by a 60-40 margin (see http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2008/05/work-then-party).