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Bill: Lutenizing Hormone Tribex 500 for women

This is for Bill Roberts and any amature endocrinologists out there. Having tried my boyfriends tribex for 2 weeks, I have noticed an increase in strength and sex drive and am considering purchasing a bottle for myself.
In reading up on LH on the web though, it seems that I will just stimulate my body to produce more estrogen and waste my money or worse. Could you just speculate on the effects of increasing LH in women and if this might work for me in shorter cycles before the estrogen kicks in? Thanks!

How about any experiences of women taking tribex, personal or secondhand?

LH probably increases both estrogen and testosterone in women. You might try Tribex in combination with Vitex to reduce the estrogenic component somewhat. All this might do some weird things to your endocrine system, though. Probably better to take Vitex by itself, or if you’re really, really ambitious you could try VERY small amounts of androsol or MAG-10, but this always entails significant risks for a woman.

LH increases to my knowledge wouldn’t affect testosterone levels in women, since in women, testosterone production is from the adrenal glands, while LH stimulates the ovaries.

However, I don’t think it’s fully understood
how tribulus exerts its pro-athletic effects, and if you’re sure it’s benefitting you, then I wouldn’t worry about the theory. Perhaps the benefit is by an additional mechanism not yet understood.

i’ve been curious too…have any other women tried tribex?

I have a lady friend who’s also a personal trainer and she gets great results with tribex to the point of damn near immediate visible results in muscularity and definition. There must be another mechanism via which the substance works.

Thanks for your responses. There is one testimonial by a 43yo female in the “store” section, and I believe I have read about a positive result by another woman in an earlier forum. So I guess I will order a bottle and be a guinea pig. I am not taking anything else,just vitamins and protein and so far have noticed increased libido and strength as well as “fuller” feeling muscles-of course that could be the xmas cookies (grin). Any of you lurking ladies out there please chime in if you have tried Tribex.

hey girlfriend, just wondering are you also going to take vitex or biotest’s “m”, to minimize the increase of estrogen. My girlfriend tried tribex for about 5 weeks(using half recommended dosage) and liked it, she said her strength and libido went up but during the time she was taking it, her menstrual cycle went crazy on her and hormonally she felt worse than normal, instead of feeling ripped, she felt bloated as hell, so we did research on this and found out it could of been the increase of estrogen that was making her hormonally weird. But if vitex or “m” could minimize the estrogen buildup, this could be one hell of a stack for women. Please write in on how it’s going for you. Thanks.

Ok, I just ordered a bottle, anyone know what the 1/2 life is? I am going to take half the recommended dose and see how it goes. Kelly how much does your friend take?. Haven’t had any for about 4 days now and it will take a few days to get it. My periods are normally slightly irregular at times, but I rarely have mood swings so we’ll see. Nickl, I don’t want to take anything else just yet, it might mask the effects. Is your girlfriend still taking tribex? has she tried any estrogen blockers yet?

I have some girl/friends who swear that Tribex works well for them both in terms of enhancing sexual desire and improving body composition. As for what causes this…well it sounds as if it’s an increase in endogenous testosterone levels. However, increased LH in a women will do nothing but cause ovulation as their production is dependent upon the adrenal conversion of androstenedione to testosterone. HOWEVER, tribulus contains a steroidal saponin called protodioscin which is converted to DHEA in the body. The DHEA itself and/or the eventual increased testosterone production as a result of increased DHEA levels is what I believe to be the reason behind these effects seen by women.

Cy, are you sure that protodioscin is converted to DHEA? That sounds impossible.

I did see some paper claiming it but providing zero evidence.

Bill, I’m relaying what I had seen in an abstract. I’m not sure if we’re referring to the same paper or not. Anyhow, I’ve been trying to set some time apart and look up the full text version at the library to see how the author’s concluded it. I’m not sure what the molecular composition of protodioscin is but it obviously has the four ring carbon structure. Not that, by any means, equates to a conversion to DHEA, but I think it makes it more feasible.
Wait, here we go, here’s the article I’m referring to Bill:
Int J Androl 2000;23 Suppl 2:82-4 Related Articles, Books, LinkOut

Phytochemicals and the breakthrough of traditional herbs in the management of sexual dysfunctions.

Adimoelja A.

School of medicine ‘Hang Tuah’ University, Teaching and Naval Hospital,Surabaya, Indonesia.

Traditional herbs have been a revolutionary breakthrough in the management of erectile dysfunction and have become known world-wide as an ‘instant’ treatment. The modern view of the management of erectile dysfunction subscribes to a single etiology, i.e. the mechanism of erection. A large number of pharmacological agents are orally consumed and vasoactive agents inserted intraurethrally or injected intrapenially to regain good erection. Modern phytochemicals have developed from traditional herbs. Phytochemicals focus their mechanism of healing action to the root cause, i.e. the inability to control the proper function of the whole body system. Hence phytochemicals manage erectile dysfunction in the frame of sexual dysfunction as a whole entity. Protodioscin is a phytochemical agent derived from Tribulus terrestris L plant, which has been clinically proven to improve sexual desire and enhance erection via the conversion of protodioscine to DHEA (De-Hydro-Epi-Androsterone). Preliminary observations suggest that Tribulus terrestris L grown on different soils does not consistently produce the active component Protodioscin. Further photochemical studies of many other herbal plants are needed to explain the inconsistent results found with other herbal plants, such as in diversities of Ginseng, Eurycoma longifolia, Pimpinella pruacen, Muara puama, Ginkgo biloba, Yohimbe etc.

PMID: 10849504 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

As you know, the author will usually list some references supporting what he/she claims as being strong evidence. I’m simply assuming that this person wouldn’t make a statement like, “protodioscin converts to DHEA” without having any evidence whatsoever. I’m curious as to why you think it’s impossible? This person could be wrong, and I’m not saying for sure that they are, but it seems reasonable to me. Actually, now that I think about it, I went and tried to locate the full text version but UNMC, didn’t have that issue, so I became frustrated and said, “screw it.” I suppose I could try the other libraries and try to find the full paper. Note to everyone: a paper being in a journal does not make it “golden”.

Cy, where the hell you been, bro?!? School been kickin’ my boy’s ass so hard he can’t drop a line once in a while and say he’s still alive and shit!?! Anyway, you have a Happy Holiday season and take care of your self. OL’ Brother Demo told Santa you been real good…heh heh.

hey girlfriend, nope my girl isn’t on tribex anymore, she tried it about six months ago for 5 weeks. At that time we checked all over this sight finding out if tribex would be of use for women but there wasn’t much written down. She want’s to try it again with some estrogen blockers(to see if it was to much estrogen being built up that caused her to feel so funny) but doesn’t want to be a guinea pig if you know what I mean. We are waiting for Bill or someone on the T-mag staff to touch more of this subject because we think this stuff if used the right way and if stacked the right way(I just don’t know if “m” or vitex would make it better) would greatly benefit a woman in acheiving her physique goals. But it’s weird every woman’s cycle is different and what didn’t work for my girl might end up working for you. So good luck! Keep us informed on how its going.

Sorry about that Demo. I had my last final on Thursday. School had been taking up a nice portion of my time as usual. Then, you also have to realize, that in addition to school, lifting, etc., I had been trying to “see” 5 different girls at once. :slight_smile: Since then, I’ve narrowed it down to Megan and Amanda. Amanda is a year younger than me and is “ok” in the physical department. Sweet girl though. Megan OTOH, blows me away in every aspect…that includes intellectually. Anyhow, I’ll tell you a quick, but funny story. As you know, I’m only 20 years old, but will be 21 tomorrow, on Christmas. Anyhow, Megan is 22 and I had met her at a bar/club here in Omaha about 4-5 weeks ago. How do I get in? Either using a friend’s ID or knowing the bouncer working the door. Anyhow, being as I was in an establishment for 21 and up I decided to lie to Megan and tell her that I was 21 and turing 22 on X-mas. Big mistake as this girl likes to go out and would call me every damn night to go with her. Luckily, she kept picking places where I knew the owner or the guys working the front door. I figured if only I could keep this thing up until I was issued my new ID, I’d be in the clear. Well, in Nebraska, they’ll issue your license 10 days prior to turning 21, so I went and got mine about 9 days early. Megan calls me up that night to go to “Rush Street” which is a place where I don’t know one person. So, being as I’ve worked security and know tons of other guys who have, I decided, I’d be ok, as most guys only look at the year, not the actual date(especially since the ID prior to turing 21 says, “NOT 21” all over). Well, not this guy. The little shit smiled and said, “five more days.” I gave it back to him and told him to look again which is when he said loudly, “you still have 5 more days man, I’m sorry but we can’t let you in.” Pretty embarrassing when you have 40 people in line, and even more so when Megan and her friend were standing right next to me. The only thing that made it a little less uncomfortable was when some drunk guy next to me said, “Dude, he’s legit, you don’t get arms like that being under 21.” Then him and about 3-4 other guys kept saying, “dude you’re cool, just walk in.” lol Long story short, she didn’t care that I had lied to her and invited me over the next night.
I didn’t get back home from her place until 3:30 last night. :slight_smile:
So to answer your question, it wasn’t school directly, but rather, a few girls preventing me from studying the small amount that I normally do anyhow. Don’t worry though, I’m on break and I think I’ve narrowed it down to Megan for now. So, I’ll be on here more frequently.
PS Please don’t call me “the cute Christmas baby.” You have a great Christmas and New Years bud.

I think that using an estrogen blocker on women is an interesting idea, but I would be careful with dosages and such since estrogen is generally a good thing for us ladies to have. Also these guys seem to feel that tribex does not necessiarily increase estrogen production.

Although stimulating ovulation seems like it would shorten the 28 day cycle. That might not increase production, but may cause more frequent estrogen peaks? - but I’m just talking out my ass here so… Maybe a new thread asking about blockers??? You’re right, us girls are weird. Good Luck! I will keep you posted on my experiences.

Guys, If I remember correctly, M will not act as an estrogen blocker in females. TheVitex will make Women more womenly and men more manly. Tim patterson covers this in a BTS column. Originally Vitex was used only on women to increase endogenous estrogen or increase ovulation or something to that extent. I believe that Biotest is the first company to suggest it’s use in men.
If you want an estrogen blocker, you’ll have to go Pharmaceutical, I think. i’m not sure what the other ingredients in M will do though. Maybe some benefit? Good Luck, awaiting your results.

The Vitex would not be a problem for reducing estrogen in women, but the calcium d-glucarate
might be undesirable. Until (and if) it becomes better known how it may affect women, I’d keep M a for-men-only product.

hey bill, why is calcium d-glucarate undesirable, tried a search on the net and didn’t really get any info why it would be harmfull on women.

Hey, Why is so little known and revealed about the mysterious M? Vitex has been well discussed, but what about the three other ingredients in M? Can we expect a full detailed column about M’s mechanism this weekend?