Bill Kazmaier

Does anyone out there know where I could find some of Bill Kazmaier’s training routines (powerlifting, WSM), either on the net or in books? I’ve been reading about him; he was/is incredible. Benched 660 without a shirt, pushed the Thomas Inch dumbell overhead, etc. I’ve been able to find personal info on him but no training routines. Ideas? Thanks.

I heard cyberiron has some stuff on Kazmaier.

I saw him at the IHRSA conference(the largest fitness industry show in the US) in San Francisco very recently,he looked very impressive hes no potbellied powerlifter he really has a great physique,I think he is affiliated with a company called Pro Spot Fitness or at least they just hired him for the show,I saw a few fitness competitors and a couple of pro bodybuilders working booths for different supplement and equipment manufactors
sorry I dont really have any info on him other than that.