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Bill Kazmaier

Bill Kazmaier has one of the most overall impressive physiques i’ve ever seen. Just by looking at him you know he’s one of the most powerful men that have ever lived. But he also wasn’t fat like many stongman and powerlifting competitors. He was an impressive 330 lbs at 7% body fat!!! Does anyone know where i can find a training routine that was used by Kaz, or just his general training style. If anybody does i’d appreciate it.

Kaz is the man. 'nuff said.

first thing you’ll need are his genetics then…

… and steroid usage. Not taking anything away from the guy’s hard work and dedication. He’s great! But Kaz is a genetic mutant who uses roids. He admits to this. You just can’t expect to look like him just by following a training program he used. I think it was in one of SWIS reports from Shugs where Kaz said he deadlifted over 400 pounds as a teen the very first time he tried the lift. Not many can approach a bar loaded with eight 45’s and crank it up as a teenager who’s never even tried the lift before.

Was he really 7% bodyfat? I find that hard to believe.

Like these guys said. Superior genetics and juice. He also had an intense desire to win. One tough MF. I dont think he was 7%. More like 12 to 15.

7% body fat??? I’m with machine on that one, that is very hard to believe.

Bill is a monster and one of my idols. You have to eat like a maniac to achieve this kind of strength. I have been following the worlds strongest man competition for years. One hint…Do Farmers Walks. Noone seems to do these and they are the way to get huge and strong like all those guys are. PS…you need a goal!!!

Hey i just want to clear one thing up about the question of Kaz’s training. I know i dont have his genetics, or on roids. I just want to know how he trained?

He was a powerlifter. Probably 5x3 for the big 3 and assistance lifts.

i have seen picks of him and his bf definetly looked less than 10 i will see if i can post them in the pictures section…

check this out
www.mcshane-enterprises.com/ASL/ images/Kaz/latspread.jpg youll have to delete a space somewhere i think

I’ve seen him train recently, and even though he doesn’t go as heavy as he used to, he still moves some impressive weights. The times he’s been in the gym training, he’s been doing higher reps (8-12 per set, typically). Next time he comes to the gym, I’ll ask him for some of his training secrets.