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Bill Kaz on Raw Lifting


As posted on go heavy...

KAZ is in the house at NERB on May 6

Posted By: Bill Kazmaier (cache-mtc-ad01.proxy.aol.com)
Date: Friday, April 21, 2006, @ 1:14 p.m.

Thi is my first post on a powerlifting forum so bear with me.After a 25 year absence I'm returning to the sport of powerlifting one last time to try and make a difference.New England Record Breakers is the real deal.The way things used to be when powerlifting was on the rise and was being considered as an addition to the olympics.

Sadly,two individuals,one in particular,changed all that and have brought powerlifting to the the confused,unacceptable new low we now have.Instead of the Wide World of Sports,Sports Spectacular,prime time commercials and Arnold movies your sport is now a backyard circus act looked down upon by the general public.You now have a chance to take back your sport and become viable again.Don't be afraid of empty threats from an equipment manufacturer and certain federations.In reality they're more afraid of you than you are of them.Without you,the powerlifter,they can't survive.Keep in mind,people who make threats are actually cowards who live in fear themselves. I'm asking everyone who loves powerlifting to support this event by either competing or attending.Those of you who backed out because of threats of losimg sponsorship,I'm urging you to come back.

I will personally help you obtain new sponsors who actually give money.Powerlifting can be great again with federations like Atlantis and 100% Raw.Change is scary and uncomfortable and I understand that.But change is inevitable,especially with the current situation powerlifting is in.

If the powerlifting community gets behind this event,I give you my word that I will get behind powerlifting from now on and help bring it back to the forefront where it belongs. Let this be the event that marks the new beginning for all of powerlifting.Let's see who the strongest really is.See you on May 6.

Stay strong,

Body,mind and spirit



I can only hope he makes a difference.

It wouldn't be pretty if in 2027 we had 12 electro-ply suits with anti-gravity attachments on the weights themselves.


he says he's "returning to the sport." Is he going to compete, or just be there to show his support?

I heard Glenn Ross is going to be there, and that he's totaled over 2200 raw. That's almost incomprehensible. I remember I think in the 2003 WSM, Kaz called ross "the strongest man in the world when he doesnt have to move his feet." It's funny, but also probably true.


I'm not sure what the equipment companies are afraid of -- am I wrong in believing that serious powerlifters would still be training with equipment regardless of if they're competing raw?

From equipped vs non-equipped discussions on this site, I've seen it claimed many times that lifting equipped will help your raw lifts.

PS: Sorry that I forgot to write RAW instead of raw.


Well, I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand I'd love to see powerlifting actually recognized as a sport with the hope that some day we MAY be able to compete in the olympics. But on the other hand, i LOVE gear. If you take it away then you may start to see more injuries and people change their training methodologies. I train for the geared lift PERIOD. Of course, I have periods of raw training but I know how to increase my geared lift and not so much with the raw. If you make everything raw I'd be lost. And my bench would suck and I'd have to re-learn everything.
If the opportunity is actually there to bring money and ntional recognition into powerlifting then I'm all for it. But I'm skeptical.

PS. Does anyone know who threatened to take away sponsorships if a lifter competed in NERB?


I cant wait to powerlifting gets in the olympics (hopefully it does) so we can get rid of these suits and see what these people really lift.


Eh.... In my experience it CAN help your raw lifts some. But training raw would help your raw lifts more.


I'm probably to die hard of a skeptic, but did that post really come from Kaz himself? How can we verify?

Anyway, I personally would rather lift RAW than geared.


I Agree, I dont think Kaz posted that and everyone has so much respect for him no one questions it.


And if it was, how much of an effect will it have? Man, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I first read it.


For the most part I agree with it, but my opionon is that goheavy.com is one of the most ass clown web sites on the internet. All I ever see there is negativity to the sport of powerlifting. But alot of big names do post ther like Ed Coan, Kirk K., Ricky Dale Crain, and now Kaz?? so I always check it out.

There are just too many trolls on that site that just try to bring up the gear debate over and over again for me to believe Kaz made that post.

On a lighter note, I am very excitied about the NERB and think it is a step in the right direction. But personally I would hate to compete without wrist and knee wraps.


Oh wow. NERB isn't allowing wrist wraps, or knee wraps? I hadn't heard that. I don't know if I can max even "raw" with no wrist wraps...


We'll just have to see whether his actions support these words...


No wraps?

Since when are wraps making things messed up?

They're for support.

Sure you might get a little weight but you're not getting 200lbs out of them for goodness' sake.


Honestly, i've always been inclined towards the belief that if you can't lift it naked, then YOU can't lift it.

I mean levers are only efficient with a fixed fulcrum and that's basically what supportive wraps, belts etc. provide in addition to the stabilizing mechanisms your body allready employs.
Similarly, i don't see the difference(besides the gravity of assistence they translate to) between using an assistive suit and using reverse band tension.

But still, if i intend to compete where certain equipment is allowed then i'll use it as best as i can.
Learning to properly perform in various equipment is by itself a major part of many sports.

Because of the complexity in the differences between equipped, unequipped(however you might define either), defining "the" strongest across federations/sports is impossible unless they compete with each other in a separate unassociated venue. NERB seems to be just the type of event needed.

It provides a level playing field, something the IOC holds in high regards, and i don't see any other variant of the sport haveing a chance at becoming an Olympic recongnized sport.


That's raw lifting, man. Some raw feds don't allow sleeves either, just a belt.

I have some cheap Nike wraps, and I would say they give me about 15-20 lbs. It's definitely a different ballgame when I go without em.



Here's a stupid question from a non-powerlifter (i.e., me):

Why don't you strengthen all those little stablising muscles around your knees and wrists in order to not require wraps? Wouldn't the need for wraps be telling you that you have muscle imbalances...?

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to pick a fight, but if a lift is raw, then it means it should be performed completely without aid.


I don't consider wraps or a belt as "aid". They are for safety. I can full squat more without a belt than with.

I have tiny-ass wrists, like 6 1/2 in around. There is nothing you can do to make it bigger except wear a wrap. Add enough weight without a wrap and eventually that tiny wrist will break.

My .02 but I'm a cheater so who cares.


Why is it so important that those outside the sport take it seriously? Who in the hell does it have to be redeemed for? And do we honestly care what the IOC and ESPN think?


I am fascinated by this. You full squat less without a belt? Really? Do you have any ideas as to why? I think I remember your old avatar was you squatting at a meet, right? So presumably youre a competitive PL and you know how to use your belt, so its not that. Is it a fleixbility issue, like the belt adds too much to your waistline, which pushs your hips away from your knees? I'm shocked, I wouldnt have thought anyone would squat LESS with a belt. Indeed, I just posted recently ripping supposed "raw" lifters who denigrate equipment and then strap on a belt in the name of "safety" and to add a few pounds. But clearly adding pounds isnt the case for you. I'd liek to hear more as to why you think your belt doesnt help.

i hope the tone of this post doesnt come off as sarcastic, i am just genuinely SHOCKED that your belt seems to LOWER your lift.