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Bill, how is the Alphasol product coming along?

I just found out about this stuff and it sounds awesome!
If this product really works and could take a coulple of mm of fat off my lower abbs and back I would be so damn happy! I mean, for me it’s not to terribly hard to stay at around 6% to 7% bf, and at 6% to 7% I look pretty darn lean with the exception of my lower abbs and back. Now for the abbs to get that same ripped look I need to get down to around 4% or 5% bf wich is much harder to maintain, plus gains are very very slow. To some a few mm doesn’t sound like much, but they would be amazed at the difference between a 6mm to 7mm skinfold measurement on abbs compared to 4mm or 5mm measurment(at least for me anyhow).

I think that this is one of Bill Roberts products. So Bill, can you give us a ETA on this product?

Brian Visser

I have to admit, I’m entirely to blame for
the delay on Alphasol. The formulation worked
well – keeping in mind the description of
thinning out problem areas that you’d already
leaned out pretty well by diet, taking off
that last bit, rather than trying to melt
3" of blubber off your butt – but some
scientific research (not transdermal though)
indicated that a certain ingredient could
have actually resulted in causing the fat
cells to commit suicide (No, not a prostaglandin.) Obviously, we
had to look at that… unfortunately,
the amount that gets through the skin proved
too small to be of any value.

Probably the only real holdback at this
point is that the production would probably
require the same facilities as Androsol
and Nandrosol, and those facilities are
operating at 100% capacity now to try
to meet demand (this capacity is being