Bill, Cy, Mag-10 Drug Test Failures

How long after taking Mag-10 do you have to wait before you test ‘clean’ for say the NFL, or other athletic comission?

I’m not sure. So far as the 4-AD-EC component,
I’d expect a week to suffice, inasmuch as 4-AD exists naturally in the body in quite substantial amounts (more than testosterone!)
anyway. So far as the A1-E component, A1-E
itself isn’t banned, but it’s a possible boldenone metabolite (5alpha reduce boldenone and you get A1) but the papers I’ve read (which are NOT comprehensive) on the matter didn’t indicate that they look for this as evidence of boldenone use (they do, oddly enough, look for the 5beta metabolite but that isn’t relevant, just an interesting factoid.)

If you’re seriously going to be Olympic tested,
I’d look to find out what boldenone metabolites they look for. If they look for any 5alpha-androst-1-ene compounds, whether A1,
or the diol, or the dione, then clearance could take some time.

Thanks Bill,
Do you know the clearance times of some other steroids. I’ve seen that popular list but some of the times look long. I’d be interested in basically, winny, anadrol, dbol, test esters, anavar, andriol, masteron, tren, deca, halotestin, well ok, anything and everything. Any input you have would be much appreciated.

Actually, I don’t. I had up to date
info on this maybe 5 or 6 years ago, back
when writing for Duchaine’s newsletter, but
have not kept up since then – and the detection times are considerably longer now than they were then.

I have all the Dirty Dieting’s. Which issue is that info in or is it on Meso??
Thanks, even those old numbers might help me.

Sorry, that wasn’t clear. It isn’t in any
article. I was just saying, irrelevantly
really, that at one time I could have
been useful on a question like that because
I had then-current info, but by now I’m
next to useless on testing questions because
I haven’t kept up (it not being a matter
of compelling interest to me.)