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Bill, check out these levels

Hey Bill (Roberts), i talked with you a while back about having problems with natural testosterone production after a deca cycle. i had my testosterone levels checked, and they were below 100. i just had my second visit to the urologist, and received my levels from the latest tests. FSH was 1.1, LH was 2.7, prolactin was 7.9. all of these are within the normal ranges on the report. however, my testosterone level was 0.96ng/ml (normal is 2.60 to 12.50). i also had a semen analysis done, this was low also, 6million (normal-over 20million). do you have any suggestions? i feel like shit! my muscles and joints hurt,and i havent been to the gym for a couple months. any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanks for your time…

I’d suggest using 50mg’s of clomid ED or EOD for 6-8 weeks I’ve seen guys especially with Deca need at least a month just for their ballz to get their size back. Some people just have a harder time bouncing back from cycles and need an extended clomid protocol, on the oter size I’ve seen guys use AS for years on and off and don’t even know what clomid is. It’s just to sides of the spectrim and you got the crappy end.

I’d begin Clomid immediately if not sooner,
or if it is not available (don’t know why
it wouldn’t be, though, if Deca was available) then Tribex + Vitex. Stick with it and I do expect you’ll be OK.