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Bill, Can I Expect Anabolism from T2

The first week on T2, I lost 4 lbs. So far this week, I’ve seen no changes in weight on a scale but have seen myself grow noticeably leaner. My diet has not changed, so my question is, could T2 cause me to gain muscle mass?

I’d think that this is just one of those things, or that your previous weighing was a falsely light reading (less water and food in your system) and the later one was falsely heavy (more food in the system, and perhaps you drank some beverages shortly before weighing) so that it appeared there was no weight change, but in fact there was fat loss with probably no substantial muscle gain.

In any case, no thryoid hormone, including T2, is expected to pack on muscle.

Bill, what did T-mag mean in #150 where it said that T2 would help “Stimulate protein synthesis (Can you say Anabolic!?)”? I was hoping we’d finally found the magic supplement to help convert the energy provided by expenditure of fat calories to muscle-promoting calories at the same time.

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Well, I think the “stimulates protein synthesis thing… can you say anabolic?” was the same kind of true in some conditions, not true in other conditions statement that has been made many times with regard to thyroid hormone. Most definitely including by people not selling it.

At higher doses, thyroid is definitely catabolic. But when deficient, increasing
thyroid hormone can be important to increasing anabolism.

So, there is literature from which someone may conclude that “thyroid hormone is anabolic” but in the context where Biotest customers are going to be using it – not suffering from a frank deficiency, and using it for the purpose of elevating metabolism perhaps somewhat above their normal rather than simply restoring to normal – I do not expect it to be anabolic.

I would have preferred omitting that statement, but I am sure the writer believed it was correct or would not have said it. And it is correct under some conditions.