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Bill Burr Comedian

I think this guy is hilarious, very much an asshole, but the world probably could use more guys who think like this.

Punching Muffins:


Population Control:

Balls on a Dog:

One of the funniest comedians out there. He was frequently on the Chappelle Show. I love the skit he does about a having a Black Girlfriend in Harlem, and how scared shitless he was to go visit her for a late night bootycall.

He was doing a show out in Philly and they were booing him mercilessly, he stuck with it and did his entire set shitting on the Philly the whole time.

Here it is.

Yea he’s one of my favorite comedian’s, here some other funny clips

The Platform + Downtown Six + Cracker Ass + The Podium + Venus/Serena


Relationship Book + Hookers + Strip Club


He’s definitely up there on my list. “There are no feminists in house fire” = my new favorite line.

I was rolling the first time I heard the balls on a dog one. And that clip didn’t even show the best part - the complete lack of transition into it.