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Bill & Brock

For God’s sake, people, I think you need to ease off on asking these guys so many questions. It’s gotta be annoying to go onto a forum and see your name in the subject of every other post. I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but I think it would be nice if you didn’t include their name in the topic, it probably discourages other knowledgable people from answering and, as I said, it has to be a hassle for them to read posts directed to them in this setting.

I agree completely. Bill, Brock and the rest of the T-mag staff will answer the questions that they can anyway so no one needs to address the questions directly to them. They have been very helpful to many readers including me but there are knowlegable readers out there who are not a part of the T-mag staff. If someone post a question and the experts know the answer they will respond even though the question is not directed towards them. I would think this would discourage the experts to answer the questions because it seems like the people asking the questions think the experts have to answer them.

I also agree completely. In fact, before the forum was
launched, I was discussing with Tim that we really don’t
want for the T-mag writers to post too much… it has
to be a forum mostly of the readers. And it does. The
forum is pretty new yet we already have some pretty sharp
guys answering many of the questions… this will only
grow with time. The idea definitely is that questions
are for EVERYBODY who has information or ideas to give
answers to or add more discussion to if they want!

I agree, I posted a while back that too many people were posting question directly to Bill or Brock (hey, how come Brian isn’t questioned, he certainly is just as knowlegeable as these guys). Anyway, people ask a question, if one of the above answers it, fine. If not, pay for their services. CHEAP BASTARDS!!! p.s. the people screening this message board should not allow these posts.

I don’t agree i don’t think there is anything wrong with putting people’s names on questions. It is a free country so these guys don’t have to respond if they don’t want to. Although i am greatly appreciative of these guys giving us so much of their time and it wouldn’t hurt to post a thank you or whatever after the question.

Bodz, how about we allow the posts but cut out the “Hey, Bill and Brock” part? Fair?

Your opinions, Bill and Brock?

I completely agree with that. I know I have done it on occasion and feel partly responsible for the whole fiasco. Sorry Bill and Brock. But I believe that if the question is important enough then it should go to those that are more qualified. With the whole e-mail incident how else are people going to address those questions? There may be other people out there qualified to answer those questions but how would you know? I don’t believe that anybody is trying to take advantage of them; there is just a great deal of people in need of their knowledge. Still, their names should be excluded from posts just out of decency.