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Bill/Brock: More MAG-10 info!!

After reading Brock’s comments concerning the new MAG-10 product, I’ve been STOKED, to say the least. What, would you say, would be the most effective use of the product? Alone? “Stacked”? (and if so, with what). Does it seem to act as a Class 1 or Class 2 agent? Finally, WHEN CAN WE GET SOME???

I think Mr. Patterson said it had a combination of class 1 and class 2 agents.

What’s up SpongeBob? Two days now, and NO responses!! I read his comments and was as stoked as you. Seems all hush-hush, and its killin’ me!! What’s up with this Bill/Brock?? Give us T-addicts some info!!!

General release date info. from this weeks Reader Mail.
4) MAG-10, our new “pro-steroid,” is due for release early next year, and it will more than likely make all other prohormone products obsolete."