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Bill, Brock, etc:Re:Drug Testing&Androsol

Bill, Brock, and anyone else who would know this, please help. I am a police officer, and get random drug tested. We are subject to urine or hair analysis tests and “testing will only be done for illegal drugs and controlled substances, no other substances will be screened”. Me, and I know cops throughout this land of ours, are dying to try Androsol, Nandrosol, and your next geneartion pro-hormones that Biotest will be releasing. I dont know much about steroids, would any of Biotests pro-hormones and future pro-hormones cause us police officers to fail a drug test? I read in Ironman that nor-andro can cause a false positive for Deca. Is Deca a controlled substance? Is testosetrone a controlled substance? Would Androsol cause a false positive for test or deca or anyother steroid? same for Norandrosol, would that make you test postive for test or deca? I would love to try these products, but I dont want to fail a drug test. Can you guys help us out here? Also, any NYPD Officers out there knows if the Dept. tests for pro-hormone use, or if any of the different pro-hormones can cause a false positive? Do police depts even test for steroid or pro-hormone use, I would think they would care more about pot, crack, coke, heroin etc. Any help would be much appreciated to alot of people out there, thank you.

Androsol cannot cause a false positive for
excessively high testosterone levels. I do not know whether prolonged use might result in failing the urinary epitestosterone/testosterone ratio test (which is not generally performed in drug screenings except those specifically for athletes.) I would not be surprised if it could cause failure with prolonged use, if the test was
done within 24 hours of application.

Nandrosol could cause failure for nandrolone,
if nandrolone were being tested, which again
is not generally done for employment drug
tests, only those for athletes.