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When you created androsol/nandrosol, why did you chose isopropyl alcohol over ethanol? Also, if androsol is used while dieting, can it only be sprayed on in the morning to try to avoid inhibition, or is it necessary to be sprayed on twice daily to help fight catabolism?

I tried methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol,
n-propanol, n-butanol, and mixtures of n-propanol and n-butanol. Isopropyl alcohol
and n-propanol were the best because the
drying rate was quick enough convenience
but not too quick to allow good phase transfer
of the 4-AD to the top lipid layers of
the skin. Ethanol was too quick.

I actually preferred n-propanol but that was
only because it has a very nice smell to it.
For legal reasons we were better off using
isopropyl for the actual product.

Both in dieting or for bulking, twice daily
gives more results but at the cost of
more adverse effect on inhibition. So the
issue really is how long you want to use
it, and whether you have Clomid on hand.
If Clomid is on hand, it can be used for say
8 weeks 2x/day if desired and this would be like a mild steroid cycle of that length.
Without the Clomid, I’d rather you limit
length to 2 weeks to be sure of not screwing
yourself up (absolutely no one has, using
that protocol) or if going longer, limit to
once per day (absolutely no one has screwed
himself up that way either.)

Whereas in contrast, if there’s no Clomid,
some percentage of people will have
recovery problems after a longer cycle,
even “just” 8 weeks and even if a mild cycle.
I expect that would happen with Androsol
too, at least for some people, if the application were 2x/day for many