Bill,and Other Qualified People

ok guys here is the thing i was thinking about the 2week on/off cycle but my body fat is wayyyyyy to high im am 22 years old, 6 ft tall, 215lbs and 19% bodyfat(i know yuk!)
so here is wut i was thinking for 2-3 weeks do cardio 6 times a week using 50mg winny(inject.) a day eat low carbs also using zenedrene and maybe androsol to preserve lbm then do (week3 or 4) :
day1:750mg sust250…day4:200mg cyp,400mg deca…day7:50mg test prop…
day10:see day 4…day13:100mgs test prop…day15:50 mgs test prop,100mgsdurabolin…day17:same as day15…day19 and day 21:50mgs test prop
days1-10:30mgs dbol…days 11-20:20mgs dbol
then do 8 weeks of winny 50 mgs a day

I think a person who doesn’t know how to spell “what” shouldn’t be messing with steroids.