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Bill and Brock, please help

how would one construct a cycle using the 2 on 4 off method that was learned from you 2 guys. have 10 amps of testolent 100mg/ml ,a bottle of ttokkyo deca 3oo , and a bottle of illium winny . also picked up clomid as you guys suggest. please help. thank you, wayne

The deca should not used at all for this type of cycle, the half life is too long. the bottle of winny contains 20´ccs, right ?

The usual rec. for this type
of cycle would be 200 mg on day 1 and 1cc per
day on the following days. Injected days 1-7, orally 8-14 (1/5 of a cc * 5). That leaves 3 cc´s which could be taken during the oral week or saved for later cycles.

Personally I would rather do a longer (6-8 week cycle, that deca sure is sweet - gotta hand it to those guys at ttokyo labs.