Bill and Brock- How did you get to be such badasses?

I think you guys are total badasses! You 2 probably know more about roids than maybe anyone else on the planet.How did you get to be this way? What books have you read that have influenced your knowledge the most? What sites, bb’s mags, etc. do you frequent that keep you up-to -date in the ever changing world of anabolics? Just anything that could help a guru-wannabe like myself would be totally, completely appreciated!

I’ll let Bill answer for himself. I came up
the hard way back on the days when TC was my
editor at MM2K. Back then, I was Dan
Duchaine’s research assistant and spend
many hours in the library dredging through
stuff to get him info when he was in prison.

I just read a lot and have been doing this
for 15+ years now, that’s all. -


I concur, I have always wondered how you guys got to where you do, my recent fascination/obsession with all things training, nutrition and endicrinolgy has caused me to pack in my job, and start a degree programme - nutrition/physiology and exercise science. I am also trying to be as good a sponge as possible and read the everything i can get my hands on( as far as i know, i am the only one of my friends who reads endocrinology books for kicks!). how did you get into the industry as such - working for a magizine doesnt eaxctly srike me as easy to get into, any tips or suggestions - are research projects/phds the way forward? or practical ‘hands on’ knowledge more advantageous?

In my case it’s 5 years of graduate
study in medicinal chemistry (I’ll have
the Ph.D. as soon as I finish the thesis
which will be soon) plus 2 undergraduate
years of some medicinal chemistry; plus
undergraduate major in microbiology
and minor in chemistry; plus 9 years
of study largely outside of all that.

Like Brock, I got my start in bodybuilding
writing from Dan Duchaine also.