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Bilateral Dumbbell Training

hello TNation guys, good evening.
this is my first post in any bodybuilding forum so forgive me for any inconvenience if any.
i’ve been scrolling t nation past few years and i decided to post a very old doubt of mine.

Now my question:
this applies to any exercise which can be done by both Dumbbell[DB] and Barbell[BB].,Lets choose overhead press [OP] for example,
now i do 50 kgs with a barbell, 25-27 kgs with unilateral dumbbell OP,and when i use both the dumbbells together i.e,bilateral DB,i have to go down to 20 kgs on each DB…
I wanna ask ,what type of training would doing bilateral DB OP be: Neuro-muscular or strength/hypertrophy or a wonderful SHOCK technique.
and can it be used to gain/maintain LBM., because on one side the exercise gets demanding and on the other side,weight gets reduced .
I have this problem with any bilateral Db exercise [say DB curl, DB bench press]

Extra:do anybody else have this problem[curiosity]…?

lol, wut?


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Lol. That was perfect.