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Bilateral Bicep Tendon Pain


For a good few months now this has been noticeable and is really starting to piss me off and have a big impact on my life. Im sure the tendon is the distal bicep tendon, both arms.

Sometimes i can just be sitting down and i'll get pains in these areas, the left one, however is slightly worse, as is that elbow. But when it's hurting from doing nothing, during anything weight training related or any daily tasks become a problem for me and i am losing hope. Even if i try walking the dog for say 15mins, they flare up and take a while for the pain to subside.

I used to do a good 20 pull/chin ups, now after just 1 or 2 the pain pops up in the tendons. Then again, at times if i were to do a curl with an empty bar, say 10kg, after 6 or 7 reps both will hurt badly, again left is slightly worser. Not that this matters of course as i don't give a shit about curls, but on the other hand if i were to do dumbbell rows with easily twice as much weight, i can sometimes manage this without any pain at all.

However, it has been a long time since Ive worked out, and ive started to notice the pain in the tendons from even doing nothing, so this isn't getting any better, and seems like it's getting worse.

Ive had palpation on these areas twice and there seems to be no rupture or obvious signs of abnormality. Guess im just looking for a miracle answer, but im getting really desperate now because this isn't something im prepared to live with, the way i see it, i can't. Was wondering about an MRI? But i don't feel it's going to show anything, i haven't injured them before or anything. I have tried massaging the area with a tennis ball but this isn't getting any better, more of a dull ache rather than any sharp, shooting or stabbing pains. Could these problems be nerve related? What can i try to fix it? Honestly this affects me in just daily life, besides lifting, and that's something im not prepared to settle down and accept, as i don't find it normal, not at 19.

Any magicians out there? Just really desperate for some progress instead of feeling down about the whole situation day in day out, starting to take it's toll on me.


Now my fucking Achilles tendons are hurting for no apparent reason. It's like Ive ran a marathon. Getting tired of this shit day in day out and i don't know how much more of it i can take. I just want some answers but feel im not getting any and i can't live like this no more.

I'll give it until the new year but then i'll have to strongly re-elevate my options because i just can't carry on living like this, my life is a misery right now and im restricted and limited to what i can and can't do, almost like an OAP. Feel like there's always something, and i don't want to come across as if minor pains like headaches or stubbing your toes hurt, these are real issues and starting to really drag me down.


Ok so two different tendons at two completely different areas of your body are hurting a lot. What your workout looks like? Your nutrition?


did you take any antibiotics? they can have an affect on your tendons and possible rupture....

however since you are working out again, you may need to use lighter weight and start slower and spend

a little more time warming up. and when your're done do light streching may help, plus heat and cold wraps

may aleiviate the pain with advil or aleeve for inflamation.

another possibility concerning your arms is that your tendons maybe dieseased and when they rupture

that it may bring relief to you. other than that you may need to see an ortho doc for your problems...


@nik, No workouts as of now, haven't for 6-7months as i wanted to sort out the pains and problems i was having as it's preventing me from making progress. Nutrition is fairly good, oats, milk, cot cheese, eggs, chicken, rice/pasta/cous cous, potatoes, nothing that i could see causing pain in tendons? I think i may be a little intolerant to wheat though.

Been taking some supps more recently;

Cod liver oil 1100mg
Vitamin d3 (400I.U)
Magneisum 300mg
Zinc 15mg

@barton - No antibotics, just painkillers now, but try to avoid taking them as much as i possibly can as i don't really want to depend on those. I saw an OS in the past who did a brief exam, not even a couple of mins, checked bi tendons, neck, shoulders, all which appeared fine.


To me, it sounds something systemic. Go to see a doctor. A good one. I hope you the best.


I would highly advise you see a physician. Find one who does sports medicine, MD or DO. MRI's can definitely identify soft tissue injures such as tendonopathies, as well as muscle tears.



Yep I've had the same problem for years and you're most likely going to have to get a MRI to get to the root problem but in my case it was 20 years of doing stupid bicep curls since I was 10, and all that wear and tear finally added up.

I probably have a partial tendon tear at the elbow but I'm not for sure, and now after a few nutrition and workout tweaks it only hurts when I'm doing hard supination type movements (like turning a key).

I already have big enough biceps so I don't need to do curls ever again in my life and get most of my bicep workouts in by doing barbell rows, DB rows and other pull related exercises.

Something that I would work on that REALLY is going to help your bicep your grip strength, this will help out your bicep pain tremendously. If you strengthen your grip and the muscles surronding your injury it may act as a organic brace and prevent further injury.

I would also look into a "non-inflammatory diet" (google it); if you are eating foods and drinking stuff that is causing inflammation it's going to aggravate your injuries. A diet low in wheat, grains, sugars and gluten and high in protein should probably do it.