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Bilateral asymmetry / imbalance

I have been working out on and off all my adult life, I recently (less than a year ago) renewed my resistance training (Iron lifting, classic movements, no machines) and my right arm (I’m right handed) has not kept up with my left, my pectoral, biceps, and triceps along with shoulder stabilizers seem to be getting comparatively weaker and weaker relative to my left side group.

I am very scrupulous with form, and this weakness occur with dumbbells as well as barbell, the right side is less strong, and also gets tired earlier, I can usually get a few more reps out of the left in all upperbody lifts, also the right is getting more venous overall, can really see quite allot more veins throughout the upperarm and shoulder/chest on the weaker side, the left side is quite a bit larger now as well, left upper arm is approx. 16.5<.8 right is approx. 15.8 < 16.0.
chiropractor finds no evidence of nerve inpingement, and I feel I cannot “flex” the right as tightly or hard as the left.

Should I do a one side (right) only routine for a month or so or what?
note: I have an unusualy strong and large right forearm from massive martial arts weapons training in my teens.

“Bump”. An interesting question. My left arm is also stronger even though I am right handed and broke my left shoulder 2 years ago. I have always wondered if it might be related to blood flow. In my case, I have better circulation on my left side and am more vascular there. My right ventrical does not pump as efficiently as my left.

The mechanics of your problem are something I don’t understand,. However, I have similar problems between my right and left biceps. The only “therapy” I’ve heard of is accupuncture. I believe that it’s a CNS problem. But I theorize that, no hard evidence.

Well if u were using strictly machines before the wights u could have gained an imbalance from them since when using machines one arm or leg can work harder then the other when doin both arms and or legs agt the same times. but lifting with a barbell and doing one legged movements IMHO should correct this.

While I have a similar issue it is much less pronounced than yours. I am left handed but my right upper body is stronger. I always theorized that this was because when I first started my right side was initially weaker and had to adapt more than the left. I do alot of work with dumbells to try and rectify this, While it seemed to help I can always do more reps with my right side during curls if I wanted to. So with dumbells I will do the left side first and then do the same amount with my right side.