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Bilateral ACL


I am writing for thoughts on my knee condition. I got my MRIâ??s about two weeks ago. Bilateral possible Grade I-II ACL tears and popliteal cyst on one and lateral meniscal cyst on the other.

My deductible is paid for the year so I think Iâ??ll get a few surgical opinions. I want to participate in soccer again. Itâ??s rather depressing as my legs have really atrophied over time.

They are not full tears but I cannot go full speed at soccer without symptoms especially with the cysts.

I want to avoid ligament reconstruction if possible. However I think Iâ??ll have the cysts taken care of. I am grateful my meniscuses are OK.
Oh well what are your thoughts?
Eugene Sabaitis


Had surgical consult today. Ortho looked at my MRI's and examined me. Recommend PT to strengthen hamstrings to stabilize joint and 500 mg naproxin twice a day.

I think I'll skip the PT and get a functional movement screen. Better value at $50.

He thinks I'm closer to grade I than II. I'm grateful I'm not a candidate for reconstruction. Told me neither cyst was large enough for surgery. Return to clinic in 4-6 weeks if rehab doesn't help for possible platelet injections.



Well here is an update for whoever cares lol.

T-Nation articles rock. Saturday I started my ACL rehab. I am a chiropractor so I have some training in rehab.
The answer for my rehab boils down to reverse sled pull and glute ham raise.

I joined a new gym after my local gold's was bought out. My new gym has all the "strongman" equipment the sleds and the GHR machine.

I am 5 days into my new training. The GHR is humbling.



i'd skip the naproxin, load up on glucosamine and vitamin C and work on proprioception a lot


Did you have surgery?

After a year you're still rehabbing?