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Bikini Qualifying Comp Canada?


Hey I am a new comer to the body building scene!

I am interested in pursuing competing in the bikini competitions for Canada.

There is a tier system for qualifying in Canada and because I am a beginner I need to start at the level 1 tier

I live in Hamilton Ontario and am looking to compete in 2-6 months from now

Please, does anyone know where I can find a list of qualifying level 1 events in my area?

I would be a member of the OPA for Ontario competitions





post pics in bikini in order for us evaluate your physique.


This link is to the natural bodybuilding competition and does not have a bikini divisions.

I am looking for qualifying events to the CFFb and OPA qualifying divisions competitions with bikini athletes included

Thanks! - anyone who is able to help and tell me when qualifying events are i would be happy to send pictures to :slightly_smiling:



have you tried asking?