Bikini Prep: Road to Vegas

Starting a new log to help keep me focused and get me in a positive frame of mind.

Starting Stats:
91cm Vacuum

OK so I am 49 Days out from the Mr. Torreon that I will not be competing at and 56 days out from the deadline for the T-ransformation thing that I am participating in.

Goal is to lose 10kg which would put me light enough to compete in Classic Physique. I think it will be cool to see what I would look like at that weight. It’s also ridiculous how these elite BBers weigh a lot less while looking a lot bigger (and better). I assume genetics play a role but also training style.

Training: Built around Squat. Deads. Barbell Rows, and Bench divided into a Lower Pull Push split twice a week then Sunday will be Biceps and Posterior Delts. I will be doing cardio 4-5 times a week which if I maintain that for a full week will be a PR.

Diet: Eggs, Oats, Rice Chicken mostly. Will be starting at 2500ish cals but I plan to go to 2 high days and 5 low days once the initial fluff is gone.

Drugs: I probably wont use the clen tbh but it is on the table. In my experience dropping Test made me look flat and bloated rather than dryer so not dropping that.


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Double Overhand 1s to 455, missed 505
4x2 at 425
8 at 425
Squats 1 at 405
Grip Crushers
Plate Pinches

Knee was bothering me for Squats so that sucked but deads felt good.

Back and Bis:
Football Bar Rows
Assisted Pullups
Banded Back Flys
EZ Curls
Alt Iso Curls

I love the Football Bar. I love it for rows and Overhead Pressing. It combines the best of T-Bar (grip allows a better lat feel) and Barbell Rows (it feels more “free” to me).

Assisted Pullups to get a better lat feel. I could get about a third the pullups with out the band with good form.

I was worried my biceps would take a hit with out a lot of the Curls I cant really do right now but that football bar row I think will be superior.

Actually, a lot of these things I am doing with less equipment I will probably keep especially the banded fly stuff.


I am interested in following this log. Should be interesting to see what a cycle like your proposed one will do. Do you mind posting pictures? I am quite curious as to the changes you will see.

I can’t imagine that this will not be a pretty crazy transformation if your diet can keep up to your stack. To me this seems like a lot for a cutting cycle, but I don’t have a ton of experience. Since you are cutting the whole time, would it make sense to not have the Tren A and Mast P all at the same time? Maybe take them the whole time, but at lesser dosages?

I will get have physique updates :slight_smile:

As per the cycle it probably isn’t on the lighter side.

The Mast in my opinion isn’t worth a lot until you are already pretty lean so that’s why I add it towards the end rather than at lower doses the entire cycle.

As for the Tren Ace I am running Tren Enanthate the whole cycle so I can keep my injections down. Then at the end I add the Ace on top (or maybe just replace the Enanthate) which will bump the dose but I also think that Ace will make faster harder changes to my physique.

Forgot to post this earlier but my starting physique is in the beginning. I will post my T-ransformation submission too later after cardio.

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You will certainly be diced after that cycle. I doubt you will need to lose 10kg with all the compounds / dosages you are running, and based on your current build. Depending on what you normally run you might end up only a couple kg lighter, and more muscular.

I weigh about the same as you, but I’m closer to 20-22 percent BF. Also powerlift, and just starting the aas journey.

What are your best lifts?

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661lbs Squat 450lbs bench and 655lbs Dead gym lifts.

and thank you, I hope I dont need to lose that much but I am mentally preparing to be skinny and very weak.

Discussing Cardio Habits:
Wifey - Ayy you are the lazy one.
Me - I would have a rebuttal but I need you to put my socks and shoes on me.

Tuesday PM Cardio:
18 minutes walking

Wednesday AM Weight: 98.05 Very happy with that. Turtle shell abs are half gone. The more and more I yoyo my weight and see my waist bloat while maintaining a disproportionate amount of definition every where else the more I think that Insulin and ultimately visceral fat is the main cause of bubble gut. Obviously the over carb/eat pre comp will have a huge role as well.

Wednesday Boobies:
4x2 at 335
5 at 335
Football OHP
3x10 at 90?
Some fartin around

Bikini Prep caught up with me today. A few weeks ago I hit 33 for a 5x5. I thought I would have a few more weeks to train heavier but apparently not. Tried to do some Skull Crushers but the set up isnt great for that and skipped banded flys because was already pretty fried.

OK going to try and get some work done.

PM Cardio+
15 minutes Walking
Lateral Raises
Calf Stretches

Forgot some stuff earlier so added to this. Calves are super tight probably from not stretching them in forever and doing that walking thing so here’s to hoping that helps me to squat tomorrow.

Ok meal prep and then I have to shave my legs. LOL hair removal sucks.

AM Stats: Tickled Pink 97.55kg / 89.5cm Vacuum Half kilo heavier with that Vacuum than anything else this year but that was a pretty easy Vacuum. That is also 1 day ahead of schedule to hit my goal of 2kg loss in the first week buuuut I am making a diet tweak which is also a “calorie” bump. If I can just keep the same weight through the transition that will be huge.

I am adding back in Potatoes (I need my fiber). If my stomach goes crazy it will happen over the weekend and I can fix it by next week. Also dropping the Protein powder from my breakfast and going to only eggs. What this does is mean that almost all my scripted food is “clean” by my definition. I think this greatly improves gut health and fat burning. Just my Salt-Lite and Preworkout are “unclean”.

“Clean” - Plants, Animals minimal processing. Protein powder and supps, cheese, bread, pasta, sausage I do not consider clean.

Describing 90% of my diet right there!

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Hahaha some people can make that work, I can not.

Haha I didn’t say it worked, but I certainly enjoy myself!

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2x2 at 445
Double Overhand 1 at 445
5x10 at 225

I tried Squatting before and after Deads but my knee was not having it. I have a fear this wont heal until I put on some weight and get “less dry”. My body really hates being even marginally lean. Oh well, worst case scenario I am a “Hamstring” Specialist.

This is one of those days I could have really used some machines but you just have to be grateful for what you have.

On the plus side (i mean aside from being able to train, and breath and eat etc) my body is coming together.

52 Days Out:

OK gonna maybe nap idk. I was going to work but I think Halo sounds like more fun.


Double overhand deads at 445? Impressive!

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Thursday PM:
20 Minutes Walking

51 Days Out (Friday): 97.05kg #FkYEAAAABOOOOIIIIII That was nice to see today. Goal was 2kg by Sunday and that is 1.95kg by Friday. I could do 2 high days but I am going to skip it for a couple more days as since switching to 3 meals preworkout my energy has been much better. Also I really want to push this and finish early.

Football Rows
Pullups then Assisted
Dum Back Fly
Banded Pullovers
Alt Dum Curls

SICK FKN LAT PUMP!!! I took a video of me doing pullups and my back (especially my lats) were red. I shrugged it off like I had been leaning on something but on the way home I realized I had not. My lats were so pumped they turned red.

Diet/Drugs: Adding Superdrol at 15mg per day. Since adding an oral will kill my digestion abilities and appetite I will be switching to 5 meals rather than 4 a day.

Happy Friyaaaaaa

The ladies of the house needed a pick me up so I made them a bucket of these. Bikini Prep says no go for me but still, happy friyaaaa.

Friday PM Cardio
Walked 20 minutes

50 Days Out (Saturday): 96.9kg there we go that was the target for week one although my bloat is pretty annoying. Not sure if it is the Potatoes or I am just still fat. Unfortunately probably the latter.

Boobie Pump
Bench Press 3x8 at 255
Board Press 12 at 225
Football OHP 15 at 90lbs / 4 at 140lbs
Banded Flys

Strength not great, pump was though.

Pregnancy Cravings Have Started. Going home from the gym I was craving sugar. Once I got home I was craving spice Probably because mi Suegra just finished making a brand new batch of Salsa. This one wasnt very spicy and had an awesome sweetness to it because she used red jalepenos instead of green…and no habenero.

OK family time…more of it…LOL

49 Days Out
AM Weight 97.25kg
Vacuum 89.5cm

AM Cardio
20 Minutes Walking
Calf Stretches

Tournament Intermission

PM Workout
15 Minutes Walking
Calf Stretches

Took a cheat day today. I’m out of junk food now though. Maybe more later.