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Bikini Prep: Re-Toning 10 Weeks 10 kilos

NLF Wildcard Weekend Wasnt planning on betting but some of these are wow.

Washington +8.5 ~ Line opened at TB -6.5 and moved to TB -8.5. That cant be sharp money. Brady sucks at night and hasnt been a great road playoff QB. I get that Washington is a sub 500 team and Alex Smith might not be 100% but that is way too many points. If Smith plays I even like a small bet on Washington money line.

Baltimore -3 @ -120 ~ The narrative is that Lamar cant play in the Playoffs. Dude is 24 and by far the most successful QB his age or younger. Titans D isnt great so Ravens should get ahead early nullifying Derrick Henry which is the Offense of the Titans.

Pittsburgh -6 ~ Line has moved since Browns covid losses but probably not enough. Steelers rested and better.

Seattle -3.5 @ +100 ~ Seattle has sucked lately but should still be 4 points better than the Rams.


CHI +9.5 (too many points to take saints but not enough to take da bears)

BUF -6.5 (dont know enough about these teams either way)

Black Lives Matter It shouldnt go unnoticed that Alex Smith was replaced by Kaepernick, almost lost his leg, is 3 years older (36) and yet is an NFL STARTING QB while Kaep cant get a back up job, but yea, BLM is all BS. There is also comedy (tragic) in the fact that Smith is playing for a team that up until this year their name was a racial slur so I guess baby steps?

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AM Weight: 101.15kg I have been purposely avoiding posting weight updates so I dont dwell on it too much but this morning was especially annoying. Despite my 2nd day of bikini AF dieting (~1800 cals and 0 carbs after workout) I also went for a 35 minute walk last night and woke up 150g heavier. I was also in less than clothes than I have been for any of these weigh ins. Funny stuff. I should have a woosh with in the next few days.

Silver Lining
Pullups 3x5
Barbell Rows 10s to 195
Uni CS Row 3x12
Uni Pracher Machine

Pullups felt much easier today. And silver lining to being too old to PL is that I can do Barbell Rows again. Speaking of which…

Barbell Rows I have recently wavered on how important they are to back training, particularly in older BBers with a base but I take all that wavering back. 3 Sets of 10 with the bar had more stimulus than my entire Row Machine work ever has. I dont even super care which variation although Pendlay would be towards the bottom.

If weighing in everyday is doing a number on your psyche but you still want that data I recommend acquiring a scale you can connect with your phone. Hide the display with a piece of tape. Evaluate weight trends on a weekly average.


that would be genius!

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Damn that’s a good idea!

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I do this. I think it’s superior to personally looking at the scale because it can be an emotional affair depending on the day. I can’t speak for measuring in pounds but with kilos if one is gaining or losing at a modest pace it’s hard to pick up on the change yourself and stick to it. I.e., since the results are hard to perceive I end up cutting too harshly or gaining too aggressively just to see the numbers change

@BOTSLAYER @wanna_be if you want, I can share my weight tracking Google Sheet where I input my numbers and you can use it for yourselves?


Please. I love this stuff.

GOT PAID!!! Ok my Wife got paid…but thats the same as me right? Needless to say she bought her wine today :smiley:

Which was actually really funny because after I said she was paying she was all like ahhh I dont actually want the wine then LOL spouses AMIRITE?

Power Girl Piernitas
Quad X
SDLs / RDLs idk
Low Bar Squats

It was a ton of fun to go to work with Wifey today. I worked out, she worked out a little then we rearranged the entire gym.

As per the actual workout my knee wouldnt let me do high bar at all but it was fine with low bar. I think I can run this stretch with Low Bar because the weights will alll be very low on both Bench and Squats. Might be a great rebuilder tbh.

Any who, gonna chill.


I’ll pretty up some cruft that has accumulated so that if you want to use it, it’ll be usable. It’s no matter if you don’t, it can stand to be cleaned up a bit for my own sake anyway. Then I’ll share it!

Let me know if this link works, it should allow you to make a copy but not edit mine. I made an extra copy for myself so don’t worry too much about playing with this. Let me know if you require some clarification regarding how anything works. The sheet isn’t mine originally, I’ve repurposed something from a friend, whom in turn found something on Reddit.


It does thank you and I have the copy!!

2-2 and WTF on that Steelers game?

Divisional games I am not touching. The lines look fishy.

Monday Boobies
Comp Bench
2 at 365
3x10 at 225
Incline Dums 7 at 100s

Decent workout, bench felt good.

Tuesday Back
Pullups 5-5-7
Barbell Rows 3x10 at 225
Uni Lat Pulldown
Uni CS Row
EZ Bar Curl

This was a good workout.

Didnt log yesterday because I was in tournaments all day. Mkay, probably taking the rest of the day off, or not idk.

Hope you find some utility from it, or learn something from it.

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Leg day got cancelled.

Just super shit mood (life) and my knee wouldnt let me squat.

Thursday Boobies
Comp Bench
5x5 at 275 (this was moving)
Incline Dums 11 w/ 100s
Cable Flys
Leg Press 15s to 4 plates
Hamstring Curls

Sick boobie pump, great hamstring pump which is weird because of my diet. Basically I have gone very low carb moderate fat. My only source of carbs since Sun/Mon? has been a couple cheetos and some Mango Chili gummi bears (yes that is the most mexican food you have ever heard of tee hee). I assume I am still pretty fat to get these pumps. Plus the mirror. This diet has never been my first choice due to performance and you also look a lot flatter but right now it is working. I have minimal cravings or hunger.

The Ole 2 Bench Trick
So me and this dude came in about the same time. First he did a set on 1 bench with just the bar. Then he loaded up 275lbs on it. Then he did a set on a different bench with 65lbs. Now he sat on the bench with 275. All his stuff was on that bench. But he did like 4-5 more sets with 65lbs. For his last 2 sets he had to set up a 3rd bench because somebody stole his 2nd bench because he was only ever there for his work. But boy, did he look super impressive sitting on that bench with 275lbs. I left shortly after this, I wonder if he ever worked up to that 275lbs? LOL

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CARBS!!! AM weight 99.5kg so lost just under 8kg in just under 3 weeks. Obv the first 5-6kg is water and excess food but I am slimming down. Today I was going to snap so I had a big carby bowl of cereal and some cookies for my pre-work out meal. The weekend I will be adding back in carbs for breakfast and pre-work out.

Back (baby got)
Pullups 3x5
Barbell Rows 10s to 255
CS Uni Row
Quad X 15s
Hamstring Curl 15s

Another good workout. The barbell Rows are crushing my lats.


EZ curls
Uni Preacher Curl
Uni Rope Tri Ext

Apparently rows smashed my biceps too because they were fried for the workout.

Recently rediscovered Tech N9ne which powered this workout and in a currently related genre…

Current Mood:

This song aged like it was meant for this pandemic.

TV Party should probably get a mention here too.

Came back in from shaking the lime trees (because Mexico) and told Wifey that one of the trees didnt have any limes. She informed me thats not a lime tree (because Gringos). Any who just one beer today. Then diet hard AF again.

The Syndicates Sharps are the pro betters (winning, 1k+ bet sizing), squares are the recreational betters (losing, mostly very small bets but the occasional Mayweather). Those 2 kind of balance out each other and they might play tug of war moving the lines but the lines usually move against the sharps. But then there are the Syndicates. These are usually groups who bet 6+ figures on games and when they move the line it doesnt move again unless they move it. These guys got crushed yesterday. A lot of that big money pro money came in on Ravens (i get this one) and Rams (baffling) yesterday. Today most of that smart money is on the Browns (not looking good) and the Bucs.

Glad I stayed away. Very weird weekend. I probably should have teased Packers and Chiefs though.


This made me laugh :joy::joy::joy::joy: good stuff man :joy:

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Cant predict Henne throwing those bombs straight to the Browns lol