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Bikini Prep - Hard Body Training Program

Hi Christian!

I’m currently at 28% BF and would like to take part in your Hard Body Training Program. I have an under active thyroid which is being treated for (not on the right dosage as of yet) as well as hormone issues… If accompanied with a clean diet for the entire duration do you think that its something that could really work for me?

I have been training upper body and lower body 3 times a week (hypertrophy) and 45 minuets steady state cardio for the last 2 months (I don’t really seem to be getting on with my online coach and feel as though he has given up on me as I have a few issues…)

Although my BF% hasn’t changed much, I have seen a lot of changes in my body, clothes as well as strength! But now really need to start seeing changes in BF % as I would like to enter my first contest in November. I tend to hold a lot of fat in my arms and legs… do you think this program could work for me?

Thank You