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Bikini Prep: De-Toning

Probably stealing this though.

Actually you planted a seed and the more I thought about your plan or a similar one the more I liked it. If this first 4 weeks dont show returns I will probably try something like what you said. Rather than dropping Frequency though I will drop exercises and volume. Probably SBD + Row on Mon-Wed-Fri and then Gunz Tues-Thurs-Sat.

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If you have tasted a fart please chime in (judgement free zone) but I am pretty sure I know what it tastes like. I dont have my dextrose yet so I got all my Pre-Intra-Post Wokrout carbs from an OXXO and i made a terrible juice selection to mix with my post workout Strawberry Whey Protein (which strawberry whey always tastes like trash to begin with). Long story short my post workout shake tasted like what I have to assume farts would taste like.

Hammer Curl superset Dum Crusher for warmup 3x15 w/ 7.5s
EZ Curl
5s at 25-55-75-95-105
3x10 at 55
Rev Grip EZ Tri Extension
Uni Preacher Curl
EZ Skull Crusher
Barbell Curl
Uni Rope Tri Extension

The pump was insane. My traps and delts had veins and striations everywhere. Chest had some awesome striations and my arms had so much blood in them they actually lost definition so if you were just looking at them you would think I tore something and my arms had swollen. This was also the most exhausted I have ever been from an arm workout. Most of my back/chest workouts dont leave me like this.

OK was going to play tournaments but then mentioned I might take a day off and my Wife’s face lit up “well I dont want to pressure you or anything buuuuutt” so looks like I am taking the rest of the day to eat, sleep and chill with Wifey.

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AM Weight 100.25kg Slight drop which not a surprise. Also looking insane. I should qualify that, insane for me. Just full, small waist (again for me) while maintaining a lot of straitions etc.

3x6 at 315

My knee defines douche. It felt fine all week then literally as I got out of the car it started to feel funky. It was fine through my first warm up set but same weight and my second warm up set it just wasnt having it. So that sucked.

PSA: Just because something says Premium, Natural or Healthy it doesnt actually mean anything. It’s usually the exact opposite. On a completely related note if my Wife gets pregnant I will absolutely insist on breast feeding. Formulas are half sugars and I have to assume heavily contribute to the obesity epidemic. Get em hooked young and they are addicts for life. Yes Sugar is addictive.


Workout #6: Boobies
Very CG Bench
12 at 255
CG Incline Bench
2x10 at 45 (this was almost my top set)
10 at 135-185
26 at 135
Cable Flys

My body is being so weird. I woke up with DOMS in my chest and my upper chest was popping like I have never seen. Very cool, but weird.

Wynonna Earp Season 4: Started slow but got really good but we have to wait for another year for the second half of the season thanks to Covid.

OK gonna eat and nap before I hit back later today.

Did you check out Archer, or are you waiting for a bunch of episodes to pile up?

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I actually didnt even know an episode came out because I was just waiting for a bunch of episodes to pile up (out of sight out of mind) but I think I will have to watch the first episode just to see whats happening!!!

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Workout #7: Back
Uni CS Row 5x12 at 95
Uni Lat Pulldown
Parallel Grip Cable Row
Quad X
Ham Curl

Good pump. I added the leg work to hopefully stimulate some healing or loosening up of what ever is wrong with my knee/tear drop muscle.

OK and had some post workout junk food, just 2 donuts and a churro so not as bad as usual :smiley:

Now I need to meal prep for Arms tomorrow and also prep a brisket as I am doing another one of those. Should be good times.

ALSO NBA CONFERENCE FINALS!!! Please LA Lebron’s dont let me down!!!

Congrats dude! Rogue sells some plastic plates, bars, and benches I think. Start’em young!

Edit. Totally missed the word IF LOL

Hahaha well some months it’s a sweat but we are pretty sure we won’t have kids…on purpose tee hee. If we have one I know my wife will be the best mother and I will just do what she says.

De toning really went up a notch today. Seasoning the brisket for tomorrow. 2kg this time and with chipotle. For those wondering why I am ruining it with mustard it’s a trick to get the seasoning to stick better. You shouldn’t taste it.

Then my post workout smiley face. Churro was a bit disappointing. I need to find an actual stand. Donuts were on point though. Coconut and cajeta.

you make all flufflies proud today!!!

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AM Stats: 101.3kg and Blood Sugar 99 so yea not great on either and it will be worse tomorrow. Monday I am going buckle it up for a bit at least to get that Blood Sugar down.

Hammer Curl / Dum Crusher Warmup
EZ Curl 5x8 at 75
Rev Grip EZ Tricep Ext
Uni Preacher Curl
Barbell Crusher
Uni Tri Rope Ext
Quad X

Way overshot that 5x8 to the point my delts were fried the rest of the workout. Still a good pump though.

Did the Quad X to hopefully stimulate some more healing in that Vastus Medialis.

OK gonna goof off the rest of the day. And eat my meals by a clock.

Later I should have some more pics. Brisket went in this morning and for the cake my request was “I want it to look like the cookie monster threw up on it” :smiley:

I watched the first 2 episodes right after this. Couldnt help myself. I have mixed feelings. I will have to see how it plays out.

Vanilla Cake, Vanilla frosting, with Penut Butter drizzle on top and between the layers. Oreo walls, Trakis crumbles and M&M topping.



Struggling to get a still shot of the video of it being cut up but damn it came out great. 20 minutes of broiling each top and bottom then 5 hours at 250 until internal temp reached 200 then another hour at 200. Then let it rest about 90 minutes.

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Metabolism is BACK!!! AM Weight: 102.4kg and given all I ate that is a huge win.

18 at 405 (PR)
Quad X
Ham Curl

Very happy with Deads. I conservatively estimate I will lose 2 reps per jump (5% each week) which gives me 585 for 6 (would match PR) More likely I lose 1.5 reps which gives me 8 or 9 reps which would be a huge PR.

Still couldn’t Squat so that sucked. Next workout I am going to go full BBer mode and see if that can get me in the rack.

Ok eat, nap, eat, meal prep hopefully some adult cardio then back to the gym.

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Another very liberal interpretation of Poutine.

Sweet Potato and regular potato fries, chihuahua cheese (the state not the dog), pickled onion, cilantro, chicken, salsa, tortilla chips and obv an egg for good measure. Not sure macros but at least 300g potato a d 100g chicken so up there. I ate it like that out of the pan because teamwork.

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I like your cooking!

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Thank you!!! Its usually just some leftovers the fam needs to be eaten thrown into a scramble. Its that feel good food though.