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Bikini Prep: De-Toning

Beltless Deads
5x1 at 425
Comp Squat
1s to 405
Axle Holds
Barbell Curls

Lol my grip. Today I noticed that my index finger on my right hand was barely touching my thumb (even after making it a point to grab the bar). That would definitely cause the grip to slip/break. So I have gone back to how I use to leave it low in fingers but now am actually gripping with my index finger too. Hope that helps but we aren’t stopping the grip gain train either. I was actually doing this on the axle too so it’s like my index finger wasn’t doing anything until it absolutely had to.

Ok gonna go get some vitamin D and electrolyte cycle for life balance. #stayhome …but at the beach.

AM Weight: 103.85kg LOL WOW I didnt feel that fat until I srtarted drinking water and it was like a sponge. Diet is back on.

Comp Bench
1s at 140-165-180kg
Board Press
7 at 140kg
Skull Crushers

Whole workout took under 30 minutes. I spent more time trying (and failing) to teach my dad how to send an email from his phone. Top set didnt feel heavy but it was slow AF. Any who, maintaining 90% through this time of TRT and shit hydration choices is pretty good.

Technology Should have to pass the Parent Test. If your parents cant use it, then its shit technology. The whole point of technology is to simplify a life, not complicate it.

OK gonna goof off the rest of the day.

AM Weight: 103.85kg and woke up hungry for the first ever while being over 100kg (probably). I think thats a sign I am growing into this weight…and hoefully not just being a fat ass. Belt was on 3.5th hole too so thats not terrible. I am back on bikini prep starting today though.

Beltless Deads
1s to 495-545
Comp Squat
1s to 405
Axle Deads
1 ish at 310
5 ish at 270
Barbell Curls

I really wanted 585 but I really didnt earn it with all the drinking. Its hard to give an honest critique of this program because of that. That 545 was easier than last weeks though.

And with this workout I am done with the Beltless Deads.

New program starts Monday. I will probably have a goof off dead workout later this week then get back at it.

New program is pretty much set and scripted just not sure exactly what to do with Squats.

AM Weight: 101.75kg Day 2 of the diet and I am already getting hypoglycemic. Thats a PR. I am feeling a ton harder today though which is awesome.

New Program: Seriously Deadlift Focused (this time)

I really dont think Squats have much of a negative impact on Deads but at the same time if this doesnt get my Deadlift moving then nothing will.


Finally going to take advantage of the gym being open 7 days a week. So 3 day rotating split. I will take an extra day when needed.


Deads: Main/Singles work is comp specific. Max Sets are beltless and touch and go. I want to go back to TnG as I think the eccentric is really good at building the Upper Back and Jessica Buetner said that so that got me back on the TnG train. Anytime I feel rough I will do the ~5*1 with ~455 and the Targeted single gets bumped to next workout.

Bench: 3 or 5 working sets not sure (probably 3). Starting with with 5 reps and if I dont get an extra 3 reps on the last set I lower reps next workout. Board Press

Squats: Just there as support to Deads. I figure beltless is the way to go to build that core…and help limit weight.

Get at least a 600+ dead.

If it goes well I will move Deads to once a week and Bring back Squats 3x a Week.

AM Weight: 102.75kg feel good,feel harder, look worse as the glycogen goes.

Dead Workout #1
RDLs at BW 3x5
Comp Deads
1 at 405-495
Beltless Touch n GO Deads
2x10 at 315
High Bar Squats No Belt No Sleeves
10 at 225
Gorilla Holds
3x10 seconds at 315

Back was lit after deads so Squats didnt go great. Going with Gorilla holds as I think that will have more direct carry over than Axle Holds. Went back to sinking my thumbs deeper and that felt a lot more solid but pretty sure calous tears are in my future…or maybe not as I wont be doing reps with Hook.

Back Up Plans: My original plans.were to bail on PLing if my Deads dont pick up but I was looking through my old sheets and when my Dead miraculously went from 635ish to 675ish I was doing almost no singles, chronically missing deadlift sessions and the ones I did hit here AMRAPs with straps in the 6-15 rep range. So if this isnt working I will drop all singles. The issue will be maintaining my Hook grip but that wasnt a problem then and I really think its mostly technique issues from my fat thumbs.

AM Weight: 102.0kg

Bench WO#1
Comp Bench
5-5-8 at 275
Board Press
10 at 225
Pullups ish
Barbell Rows
Barbell Curls
Planks 60-40-40 seconds

Going with 3 working Sets. Pullups sucked. Bench wasnt great. Just 8 reps on my AMRAP is kind of sad. Also delt felt like shit.

Plank Bet My wife bet me I couldnt do a plank for longer than her but her mistake was giving me 2 weeks to prepare because I have never really done them and she does them all the time. We havent set stakes yet (but hopefully soon). Strong chance I quit this though because getting onto and off the floor is the hardest part and all that pressure on my toes hurts kind of bad.

Dead adjsutments: Dropping all singles. I am just going to keep working those AMRAPs for a while then as it gets heavier I will taper frequency.

AM Weight: 102.85 #fkoff LOL yea no i deserved that. My new diet is super teen idiot (but effective). I am having a normal breakfast then my next 4 meals are chicken sandwiches. Just chicken and bread. I add ketchup post workout and the other 3 are either dry or with low calorie hot sauce.

Cardio and Abs
Deads TnG No Belt
2x10 at 345
High Bar Squats No Belt
Pause 1s at 315-405-435
2x10 at 225
Grip Crushers
Iso Holds (gorilla then 2 mixed)

Very happy with that. Volume capacity got better way fast. Back was lit AF after those Squats though.

AM Weight 102.3kg Gyno almost gone. BF% seems to be the major factor right now so if I get that down I should be good. Hormones are balancing too after the Tren shut me down. I also have acne which is usually a sign of high estrogen for me (or Masteron).

"Arms" as my wife calls any upper body movement LOL
Comp Bench
4-4-10 at 285
Board Press
10 at 235
Pullups 3x5
Barbell Row 10s to 2x10 at 155
Barbell Curls
Lateral Raises
Plank 1 for 90 seconds

I am going to rebuild my Barbell Row from the ground up.

OK gonna grind some Fallout 3.

Diet/Weight: Been bouncing around the 99-102 mark but with the cancellation of weekends for a while I am going to look to get that down to 97ish. I have been having a big carby fatty breakfast, going to the gym, then cutting carbs the rest of the day. Its working really well.

Program: Lower Upper Rest repeat. No Belt. I am trying a couple new things. Alternating Bench with Board Press each workout (until the end). Relying on AMRAPs to train Squats and Deadlift (not new but havent ran it like that in a while).

Progress: Ok so the grey blocks have yet to be done. As you can see some adjustments have been made and I guess this would be Phase 2 starting now.

3d xB

Goals: Beltless Total of 1550+ (550-425-585). I figure if I get 2-3 reps on my last AMRAPs that should be in the bag. I think I should be able to get more than that on Squats and Deads.

OK Work has been going well and Wifey life too. I have been pretty stressed for money lately but funny story I made an accounting error and we had some extra funds so that was an awesome surprise. Wifey gettin her hair did LOL.

Pretty fkn pissed. This gym has a few great qualities. Like, its open. It has AC and I can pick the music usually. After that this place fkn sucks. Most days I come in and their are plates and what ever other shit everywhere. Then everything in the gym is set up to either destroy barbells or help the owner look a little stronger. Well today I tripped over the Squat safeties which the only reason to have them that low would be for destroying barbells, I mean rack pulls. And yes all of his barbells are bent. Every single one. So yea sprained my wrist. Not sure how bad it is but typing sucks and also scraped my shin real bad but that is superficial. I just wont shower for a few days. OK End rant.

Other than that Training has been going great. Knocked out a couple more workouts and a day early. Although I think that day will be spent on getting my wrist healthy.

Work has been going great. Best month since December and aside from a freeroll today I will be taking the rest of the weekend off to play Doom 64 and/or GTA Vice City if my hand allows.

DIet: Been pretty solid and my weight has now been under 101kg for 5 straight days. The down side is the amount of food I am going to be able to eat to keep getting leaner is not a lot. My body is pretty fkn stubborn.

Squat / Deadlift / Bench / Board Press

work out 9

My hand is really starting to hurt now. So we will see what I can do over the next few days but some things might be getting changed.

On a funny note My mother in law bought my Wife and her Sister matching PJs. I mistake them sometimes in unmatching clothes. Pinching the wrong booty is only a matter of time…and marriage counceling.

LOL No jking I can pick out my wife’s booty from the Moon.

OK after a few days off the wagon, or on it. Whichever is the traditionally bad one. I am back on the wagon? I am eating right and training. Joined Nexgym today. Music didnt suck, it was empty (so they dont care about how long you stay) and they lowered their prices.

AM Weight last 2 days was 103.7kg I ate very little yesterday but pretty sure that is still leftover food from Tuesday.

Today I did a Bro Leg workout. My hand is probably about 50% so I should be good to train Deads, Back and Leg Machines…and with any luck Biceps. Mobility just started to come back so maybe next week Squats and Bench will be on the table.


I hope to run this for 4 Weeks and then make some harder decisions. Its some PLing but a lot of Hypertrophy work. Obv skipping the shit my hand wont let me do.

Powerlifting: I went through and found what I did on Deads to get them to their best a few years ago. So I will try that again. It was really only a 5 week prep. Bench and Squats I think I have figured out. Although going through that old program I did see what went wrong there with Squats.

OK Work is done time to play video games for as long as my thumb allows.

I really dislike this exercise too. I was doing them as programmed by my coach in my home gym during lock down. I put padding on the safeties, but still lowered my bar far slower than I preferred.

If you have blocks, there is no reason to do a rack pull IMO.

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and he does, tons of them.

Arrive to gym to fill out sign in:
Me- “Buenes Dias, que ahora es?”
Gym Employee - Its ok, I speaka english.
Me- Oh my gosh, thank you. What times is it?
GE- Yes please.

Ahmmmmm. LOL Exact conversation so much out of a movie I thought she was teasing me.

LOL I kid but my favorite part about Mexico is the Mexicans. Never once have they been a douche because I dont speak Spanish or dont belong here. More often than not they try to be helpful and open armed. Every once in a while they tell me I should learn Spanish…but 9 times out of 10 thats my wife. The 10th is one of her friends whos got her back LOL.

Any who…

Friday Pumpy Back Bro Style (no compounds and strapped for the whole thing)
Latpulldown Machine (very light warmup)
Chest Supported Unilateral Row Machine
Unilateral Lat Pulldown
Lateral Raise

My Lats were so fried Lateral Raises hurt them.

Saturday Funday
3 minutes Incline Walking
RDLs (body weight warmup)
Pause Deads top set at 365
Alternating Dumbell Curls

Aggravated hand/wrist doing double overhand deads and my knee is still aggravated from Thursday so I just did what I could.

Cursed Netflix Series AWESOME Its kind of Lord of the Rings meets IDK something better.

Blacklist ZOMG just finished season 5 so good. 2nd favorite season I think behind Season 1.

BIKINI PREP IS BACK ON!!! Ok the game plan is mix in 2 a Days at least twice a week ideally 4 times for the next 3 weeks. It will depend on my wrist if I can find things to train that frequently…I mean cuz obv not doing cardio.

Week #1: Drop 3-4kg and get my stomach flat again
Week #2: Get lower Abs back (Another 1-2kg)
Week #3: Dont rebound and keep going (Another 1-2kg)
Week #4: Lose it all on my Wife’s Bday celebration LOL

AM Weight: 104.15kg Oh and I feel ALL of it.

Legs: So much suck
RDL at BW Warmup
Deadlifts 3x5 at 315 (RPE: WTF)
Uni Lateral Squat Machine
Different Squat Machine

I feel so fkn natty except when I was natty I was way stronger than this so if this continues I will be getting blood work done to make sure my gear is legit.

Back got really lit up on the unilateral stuff so didnt do a lot. I need unilateral but am having a hard time finding something that doesnt fk my back.

OK ate, now time to work then back to the gym WAHOOOO!!!

PM Back:
Chest Supported Uni Lateral Row Machine
Unilateral Pulldown
Dum Back Fly
Lateral Raises

Like an idiot I trained some delts and that matters because I am not sure what I will be able to train tomorrow. I know I wont be doing Bench, and minimal Biceps so oops.

And pretty sure I have a minor Miniscus issue. It happened last week and was fine thorugh my workout it just hurts now. I ate a big bowl of Caldo de Rez which had a bunch of cartilage and other good bits so maybe I will magically heal over night?

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AM Weight: 102.6kg Right where I thought I would be. I weighed myself last night at 105.0 so (in more clothes than the AM weight) so I had a good feeling I would make a decent drop.

My hand and knee feel great today. I can open doors again and the pain is down to a 2 of 10 from 8. Plus a lot of the mobility came back. I think I should be able to start Squatting and Benching maybe Friday.

AM Workout: Boobies
Seated Cable Fly
Cross Press
Front Raises

The Pump was REAL. My pec actually cramped up a smidge post workout. I think instead of OHPing I am going to do front raises for a while and see how my delts respond.

OK more work and then eat again and then gym and then work and then the last episode of Modern Family…and WYNONNA IS BACK!!! Not a super fan of seasons 4 opener but lets see where it goes.

PM Pump Gunz
Tricep Rope Pressdown
Alternating Dumbell Curls
12 minutes incline walking

I am sure I looked like a goober wrist wwrapping up for my Pump stuff today but it helped a ton!!!

Wedding ring is getting loose. Actually yesterday I noticed how much easier it fit by the 2nd workout. Water is coming off and soon we move to fat loss. Also adding back in carbs tomorrow. I didnt completely drop them these 2 days but tomorrow I have prepped meals and the whole 9.

AM Weight: 102.1kg Feeling good. Not much hunger and today I get carbs in more of my meals. Cals should be right around 2700. I can also feel my ab fat thinner so we have cut through the most of the water, mostly fat loss from here on out.

AM Hamstrings
RDLs at BW
Deadlift No Belt
3x5 at 135
5s at 225-315
3x5 at 365
Step Ups
Squat Machine
Hamstring Curls

Felt good today. I am starting to find a groove with the execises I want to do. Deadlifting here is a lot harder than at the Power Gym. That floor is soft and acts like a deadlift bar and I am pretty sure those plates are lighter. Once I adjust I wont notice but right now I can tell and it all feels heavy AF right off the floor.

PM Back
Dum Back Fly (warmup)
Chest Supported Row Machine
Unilateral Lat Pulldown
T-Bar Row

Quick and pumpy.

Hand is feeling a lot better so hopefully I can get more than 20 minutes of video games before it hurts.