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Bikini Prep: De-Toning

Upper Body
Comp Bench
2s at 365-385
Board Press
8 at 295
Trap Bar Rows
Alt Dumbell Curls

Supposed to have another double in there but my delt was feeling like shit. I never let it fully heal from Low Bar plus the slant in the floor I am sure wasnt helping.

Bench Program Adjustment: Lets Have Some Fun Going to conjugate my Bench Training and drop some over all volume on Press and Pull. Main goal is to get my delt healthy but this should free up resources to recover for deads too. If I just maintain Bench strength through June it will be a success but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised IDK.

Day 1: Comp Bench: Smt Heaaaavy
Day 2: Football Bar OHP: AMRAP or Whatevs
Day 3: Board Press: 3x3 at RPE6-7-8

Fallout 3: I didnt have any money so I killed Moriarty and now I am pretty sure I will never leave Megaton…unless you gain experience by being slaughtered over and over again. Just checked, you do not. I guess I am starting a new game tomorrow (after I try a few more times).

Wednesday AM Weight: 102.65kg Water weight was off but I was still full so this was looking pretty good. Stomach flattened out a ton.

Skipped gym for a ton of excuses, should have sucked it up and skipped today.

Thursday AM Weight 102.2kg Glycogen dropped so I was looking soft and small.

Attempt Football Bar OHP
Attempt FB Bar Incline
Drop Bar on head
Resist urge to destroy everything
Lateral Raises
Banded Back Flys

Right Delt felt real bad with just 50lbs so stopped. Incline was fine but the rack is shit so the bar fell out and that was that.

In asshole news somebody sold some “health supplement” to my Suegro’s that is Sugar, Sugar and canary seed milk. FFS.

OK good vibes, gonna train for the Apocalypse.

AM Weight: Hungover LOL Wifey and I were celebrating not being parents and I wasnt going to drink but every 5 minutes she kept asking if I “was going to make something fun?” I kept saying no and she kept adding “well if you make something fun make something fun for me”. LOL spouses AMIRITE? Obv I caved and we had a wonderful time.

WE (I’m) BACK!!!
5 at 495
Pause 1s at 315-405
3x5 at 225

Hamstring felt great so I went for it. Being that it is deadstop that is an all time rep PR.

OK gonna investigate the games and/or kill some super mutants.

AM Weight: 102.2kg Back is feeling great probably mostly because I dropped most of my belly bloat. I am sure Deadlifting has made it stronger and Squatting with out a belt has helped too. Any who with any luck (code for will power) I should be under 102 by Monday morning. I prepped all my meals for today so that helps.

Board Press
3 at 315
Iso Holds
Barbell Rows
EZ Bar Curls

That 315 was supposed to be a last warmup but it felt heavy so I did 3 and called it my first working. My delt felt like shit though so I stopped there. Strong chance I take an entire week off from Benching and add back in Barbell Rows.

YEAAAAA BOIIIIII!!! I got work done by 7am then rather than dilly dally most of the morning I got the gym done so now I can dilly dally ALL FKN DAY!!!

AM Weight 102.65 No surprises with that. It should come down for tomorrow.

Dia de Muertos
Deadlifts no Belt
3x5 at 60kg
2x3 at 100kg
1s at 140-180-210-240-260kg
Squats no Belt
3x3 at 135
3x10 at 225
Gorilla Grip Holds

I know that looks weird in both KG and LBS but the gym was a disaster area so I started with KG plates as that was what was easiest to get to then after putting them back where they belong I used the pound plates as they have handles.

260kg on Deads moved slow and with no belt my back rounded a bit more making lockout tough. I am super happy with 260 though, for now.

Grip: I really dont think strength is an issue. My right hand Hook pretty much completely broke but I didnt drop the bar. Pretty sure I know what I did too. I had it set then last second I set it again but incorrectly just trying to not think too much causing me to think too much LOL.

OK Work is done for the day so its time to follow Liberty Prime into battle!!!

Tuesday AM Weight: 102.9kg bit of a surprise

Todays AM Weight: 101.3kg Much larger surprise and I am looking all sorts of terrible. I have to assume this is the rock bottom before I start to look better each kg as I dont see how I can look worse.

Squats + Back
Comp Squat
2x2 at 495
Barbell Rows
Gorilla Grip Holds

Great workout. I love the Squat Dead Pullup workout. Also delt felt great today to where I want to bench tomorrow but I will skip one more workout.

I decided to add the Belt for Squats. Bracing on Squats for me with and without a belt is completely different to where after 2+ weeks of beltless Squats I still have not relearned to Squat without a belt so meh. Squat isnt my issue anyways.

Everything is open here except gyms and masks are optional. And as this is the same government that banned table top salt and reversed the smoking ban I am not holding my breath. Like seriously how bad can health “officials” be at their job.

AM Weight 101.3kg Pretty happy with that as it was at 2am after drinking half a liter of water.

So my Sugar crashed today. I confirmed it with a sugar test (65) and now I know what has been happening on my cuts. Pretty sure ketchup is a major culprit. After doing more research this is hypoglycemia not prediabetes which is relieving in a it doesnt really matter I have to eat less like an ass anyways way.

Bulking On Tren: DUM
spelled wrong for effect

Ok so ignoring everything BUT results for a second I think mg per mg Test will produce more mass than Tren. My growth has always been directly tied to the amount test I was running. Tren might make you look a little better while bulking (nandrolone way worse) but Test is Best IMO

Now going into logistics if you use Tren on your bulk then what are you going to use on your cut? If you are about that life then that means you are probably on considerably more than TRT most of the year and to be running Tren even 5-6 months of the year would suck for life and health.

Next brings us to sides. In my experience the 3 major factors in sides are dose, drinking and fat gain. Dose is obv. Drinking and fat gain both effect your hormones and how the body deals with them. Tren is as legendary for its sides as it is for its strength so gaining all that fat will cause problems in those with shit genetics. When I was cutting weight i was doing fine but as soon as I went on to bulk BOOM GYNO!!!

OK continuing the planning…
Current program runs to July.
July probably bump test and run an oral for 2-4 weeks.
August assuming I am not broken down begin a 6-8 week PLing Prep and cycle (add Tren finish with Oral)
October BIG BOY BULK TEST BLAST and get back to 105+kg
January. Begin the Cut.
Win the Tnation thing
Spring Break in Mazatlan!!!

If my body is breaking down then I will begin my Big Boy Bulk in August and be either bigger or leaner in January.

Dude you had a good run on tranformation challenge this year. You had my vote.

Are you planning on doing a pl comp this year too? Those are some goals.

Wow thank you!!

Probably an actual meet never again. But I am looking to mock meet soon and hopefully hit some of those goals!!!

AM Weight: 101.3kg I didnt mega bloat after my 2nd meal (or at all) and belt was on the 4th hole so I might just stay here for a bit. Shoes are easy to put on…I do look small AF though.

Great Workout
Deadlifts No Belt
2x5 at 405
Comp Squat
1s at 405-455-500
Barbell Rows
Axle Bar Iso Holds

I think I might have found the split/workout etc. If I can hit a pretty easy 500 Squat after Dead “Volume” then this will both be enough to build my Deadlift and Squat. Then when I pull the Deadlift Volume away at the end my Squat should POP!

Top Secret Hook Grip Tip: Actually grip the Bar Revolutionary I know.

OK work is done for the day, kind of thinking of taking the day off from Apocalypse Training as well…but then seriously what would I do all day. Really craving a cheat meal. What a dude to do???

Comp Bench
2 at 385
Board Press
3 at 335
Skull Crushers

After a weekend of terrible hydration choices WE BACK!!! Delt felt mostly fine and to my surprise nothing felt heavy in my hand. Normally 315+ feels heavy the first workout back after not lifting heavy.

Space Force: Meh The funniest part about this show is there is an idiot who believes in all this shit…then you remember he has control of the most powerful military on the planet and it stops being funny. Honestly I really feel they dropped the ball with this one. I think to make this work it should have gone a lot more pure comedy to almost slapstick rather than walking the line it did.

Gotham: Pretty good show, glad its over That pretty much sums it up. Very enjoyable but not great or even really good.

And with that we are watching Modern Family, again…for probably the 4th time.

Why not?

I do love the comradery of competing in person etc. That is awesome. At the same time there isnt any body in my country I am really competing with. Mostly because I just dont care but also of the 3-5 people stronger than me in this country only 1 is in my class. The rest are all heavier and/or wrapped.

That and my experiences with meets has soured my opinion of meets. Even top ones that I watch on Stream I am like WTF sometimes.

The 2 that I have been to were ran poorly. The Local meet was actually ran better than the WPC Nationals where it started 4 hours late and we had 30 minutes between Squat attempts because people were having their name called THEN they start wrapping (I know that isnt the wraps fault but it is another reason I am not a fan of wraps LOL). There were a ton of other issues with that meet.

Then you have the expenses (travel, fees etc) for 0 cash prizes makes it just seem like a money grab to have somebody “validate” your lifts. I really dont need that.

The really cool thing about Powerlifting is it is one of the few sports you could do vs somebody in a completely different part of the planet. All this bullshit about “you dont know what you could have totaled unless you were there in those circumstances” is just that, bullshit. Poorly ran meets, bad equipment and bad officiating shouldnt be a factor. Its like saying “Oh in Utah the Baskets are half the normal size so we all shot half our normal shooting percentage”. You wouldnt do that.

Honorable mention to baseball one of the coolest things about that sport is that the ballparks are all different giving different advantages here and there.

So yea, long rant but that is why.

Pretty Annoying
Beltless Deads
1s at 405-495-545
Comp Squat
1s at 405-495-525
Barbell Rows
Axle Iso Holds
Gorilla Iso Holds

Grip broke again in my right hand. I legit think it is because of the lotion and oil use of my household. THEY USE SO MUCH and it gets everywhere. Coconut butter and Olive oil in their hair and everywhere else. Then actual lotion. I think they need an intervention. I grabbed the door handle to leave the house and it slipped through my right hand. Same hand the grip broke with.

Either way not sure if Axle or Gorilla is the way to go so I am going to do both. I will also start sinking my thumb in more.

Really no idea what is going on with deads. It isnt fatigue/drugs or whatever other environmental issues as I hit a real smooth Squat single AFTER deads.

I will give the current plan another 3 weeks but I might have to move Deads to once a week for progress.

Week 3 (this week): All Deads Beltless
Week 4: Repeat Week 4
Week 5: Add belt for Heavy singles
Week 6: Repeat week 5

If after that my deadlift isnt responding I will just combine the 2 Dead days into 1 day.

OK Off to do some Tandem Cardio. THen nap, then work, then videio games.

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You make some good points, the bullshit going on in some meets and some feds makes competing seem much less appealing.

I never even went out of town for a meet yet, I was going to go to one in Kingston which is about 1 1/2 hour from here but it got cancelled due to the COVID bullshit. I agree that it’s not really worth travelling out of town for most people. Unless you are trying to win a significant prize, set a record (one that actually counts for something), or qualify for a bigger meet, it is kind of a wast of money and worse if the meet sucks. I was hesitating to sign up for the Kingston meet for the same reasons, but it was either go out of town or do a local IPF-affiliated meet and I’m not about to do that.

I totally agree, what’s the point in having records or qualifying standards if the meets aren’t all run at the same standard? At a lot of the IPF-affiliated meets they pull some bullshit like switching the flights around at the last minute, the last one I did that happened and I had maybe 20 minutes until my squat opener and I didn’t even have my singlet on yet, plus they said it was too late to change openers. I considered just walking out. Another guy there was telling me that at another meet he got screwed over like that and only had time for 2 or 3 warmup sets, he wasn’t lifting much but imagine you were opening with 600 and that happened, good chance you will get injured. And of course the judges tell you some bullshit about “it’s your responsibility”, like you should be honored that they let you compete in their meet.

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I would most likely do a local meet because I wouldnt have to travel and I would have 0 expectations of how it was ran. That probably just isnt happening though.

Yea nightmare scenario. They dont realize that shit ruins it for so many.

Cringe, pay dues, frees travel and be honored with 0 cash prizes LOL ugh

AM Weight: 101.7kg Very happy with that. I dont look sloppy and my belt was on the 4th notch so going from Jan to now I gained 1.7kg but am significantly leaner.

Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes (or you know, legs)
Comp Squat
2x2 at 525
Axle Deads - Double Overhand
10 at 90-180
5-1 at 270
Barbell Curls

LOL Grip is super important. So that last set of Axle Deads I missed my first rep. It wasnt exactly because I couldnt hold on to the bar but it felt so heavy it shocked my body into not lifting it. I refocused though and did get a good iso hold out of it.

Squats felt a smidge heavy. I have already adjusted next weeks workout because what I scripted would probably be RPE suicide.

And in mixed bag news there is a good chance that our family has Covid. The upside to this is that none of our symptoms are life threatening (yet, but it has been about a week) so hopefully we are the lucky percentage that this isnt super serious for. My Wife included. The one that got hit the worst (so far) is Mi Hermanita and she should have been the least likely.

In other mixed bag news gyms are supposedly opening next Monday. They have to be checked out which is happening 1 at a time so we minds well say they arent opening yet. I am also not sure if I will go immediately back. I really want to train in a better spot but I have no idea what the scenario will be.

Stay Safe, Se Fuerte.

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False alarm on the Covid so thats good news!! I mean sort of. If we got it and thats all it was for us then we are most likely safe and done with it. The way Torreon is going pretty sure the entire city will get it. I would rather get it and be done with it.

AM Weight 102.65kg And a bit fat. Diet starts nowish. Minus my Churro and Cajeta Ice Cream!!! Also a cheat on Sunday for Daddy’s day.

Comp Bench
3s at 315-335-350
Board Press
8 at 260
Skull Crushers

OK done with work so yea, gonna fk off and eat all day.

Churro and Cajeta Ice Cream Sunday Review: FAIL Flavor was great. So I let it freeze over night and the churros got really hard and lost all their flavor. If you do this build it and eat it at the same time. I would have but it got very melty and wasnt even ice cream anymore so I had to freeze it. Also add Chocolate Sauce, store was out so I didnt but it is a great touch.

I would say that Cinnamon Toast Crunch subbed for churros is better. You can freeze it and the texture should be awesome (crunch and chewy) with the same flavor.

Beltless Deads
5x1 at 425
Comp Squat
1s to 405
Axle Holds
Barbell Curls

Lol my grip. Today I noticed that my index finger on my right hand was barely touching my thumb (even after making it a point to grab the bar). That would definitely cause the grip to slip/break. So I have gone back to how I use to leave it low in fingers but now am actually gripping with my index finger too. Hope that helps but we aren’t stopping the grip gain train either. I was actually doing this on the axle too so it’s like my index finger wasn’t doing anything until it absolutely had to.

Ok gonna go get some vitamin D and electrolyte cycle for life balance. #stayhome …but at the beach.