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Bikini Prep: 31415 Days Out

48 Days Out 98.25kg no surprise here. Drank a ton of water after eating a ton of junk. Target for this week is to be under 96kgs by next Monday. I also hope that some of this Bloat will go down. It isnt from yesterday, it has been for weeks it seems. It could just be I am flat everywhere else so my stomach feels that much more bloated.

5 at 240kg
2x5 at 180kg
Pause Squats
5 at 100-140

Deads felt great. I could Squat again althugh I think I re-aggravated my knee. We will know by Thrusday I guess.

OK Halo or Work that is the Question…?

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47 Days Out: 98.75kg FUUUUUARRCCCKKKK That was a bit of a shock. I have a few possible reasons for the continued climb in weight.

-Superdrol. There should be some weight retention with this, I mean its kind of its thing.
-Left Over Junk from Sunday. I dont see this as likely. I didnt eat much the 2nd half of the day and its now Tuesday.
-Caldo Tablet, I have used these before but even though these are a decrease in Sodium my weight seems to jump with these.

My ab fat seems thinner so I am hoping its the Superdrol.

Either any I am not going to change any of that but I will get more aggro with my diet starting tomorrow if weight hasnt started to come down again. It already has a code name: Fk OFF.

Back on Cardio today should help too.

EDIT: all this bloat and weight could be my body adjusting to the potatoes again. Time will tell.

Back Pump
Football Rows
10 x 15 at 40kg (idk the bar weight)
Pullups 32 Total
Banded Face Pulls
EZ Bar Curls
Alt Dum Curls

Went pretty light today put packed in the volume. It probably isnt going to get any better going forward.

This Quarantine has actually been really good for my Wife and I. We are spending a lot more quality time together. A lot less just being in the same room, we are off our phones and cuddling etc. I have been making her breakfast a few times a week and other little things I should have been doing the whole time. A huge part of that is work has been going well so with out that stress it makes the rest of my life much easier.

OK we have to finish Mallrats then Community!!!


PM Stuff
Calf Stretches
20 Minutes Walking
Calf Stretches

Really hammering the calf Stretches as I think that is the issue with my knee. It’s my right knee and that is the tighter ankle.

Also this week I think I am going to tighten way the fk up and set some 2020 cut PRs. Probably not weight but Vacuum and ab leanness for sure.

46 Days Out (Probably actually 16 days out or less because as soon as I find out that gyms dont open here May 1st I am going to pull the plug)

AM Weight: 98.3kg Meh, pretty miserable yesterday. Slept horribly. Felt like this should be lower but ni modo. My stomach bloat keeps coming down so I will take it.

10 at 315 (ties PR)
Board Press
3x10 at 225
Football OHP
3x8 at 90lbs

I needed that rep PR tie today. It makes me feel less weak.

Going to skip cardio for a couple days. I am pretty certain all that walking is making my calves tight which is messing with my Squat and mainly my knee. Also the way I feel I think I should pull back and maybe in a few days I add it back in.

I am very excited because I should be able to squat tomorrow!!!

Ok food time.

LOL My Morning:

330am Wake Up, Work, Eat / Stats: 98.0kg 90cm Vacuum
600am Back to Bed
800am Wake Up, Eat
830am Sleep
1100am Wake Up, Eat

OK So Mexico isnt Opening May 1st. I am going to keep cutting but not nearly so hard. I am going to take this next couple weeks to try eating carbs later in the day and see if it affects weight loss. My hopes is that no and it helps me sleep better. Right now I am only sleeping after eating some carbs as you can see by my day.

I will also transition back to PLing.

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Le ughs (It’s French for rough leg workout
Pause squats
3x3 at 135-225-315
5 at 405
4x5 at 315

Squats weren’t pain free but getting there I think.

Deads felt terrible. I had a feeling they would which is why I was only attempting 5x5 with 405. That didn’t last LOL.

OK I want to idk, eat? So tired, so weak.

AM Stats: 97.35kg / 89cm Vacuum / 14.6% BF
Very happy with that. I went a smidge off script yesterday and a little dirty but calories still about 2900.

Physique: Everything is coming in nicely…except for my waist which is still huge. It is improving though.

Diet Adjustment: Breakfast then 4 meals all the same rather than front loading the carbs to meals 1-4. I am hoping this help me sleep better which will have a great effect on pretty much everything. I expect weight to jump a smidge after day one then get back to going in the right direction.

Bench Press
2s at 160-160-170-180kg
Board Press
10s at 120-100-100kg
Skull Crushers

Lift off by Shiva, spot by Jehovah, collars by Allah. Pretty sure 170kg is a self lift off PR but I know 180kg is. Very awesome that my Bench strength is holding strong especially since I benched and OHPed Wednesday. Hopefully I can get my Squat back quickly.

OK Time to grind then I have a certain irritable Wifey that needs a beer. Wish I could have one but soon.

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No safeties or spotters lifting PRd on the bench?! I know you haven’t got collars on but still risky business!

Also nice bench!

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Great benching! Good song too!

Ain’t got no job, but I stay suave

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It’s only a PR for a self off. I have hit more than that for a double… but my bench is still fly :grin:

Thank you and I love picking the music!!

13 Days Out: Am Weight: 97.65kg but I drank a bunch of water right before weigh in so we will call it a draw. And today is the last day of chicken thighs (back to chicken boobies) so weight should keep moving down. Also adding back in cardio.

Quads and Back
Beltless Pause Squats
1s to 230kg (PR)
Football Rows
Lat Pulldown (band assisted pullups)
Band Face Pull

Knee still felt like shit but it was worst with lightest weight. Pretty sure my Quads take over aggravating the issue. Still life time pause squat PR (regardless of belt or low/high bar) and I had another 15kgs I think.

Bench Press
1s at 365-395-420
Board Press
2x8 at 315

That 420 was fast AF. If I had a spotter I would have gone for more. I had 455 today I totally believe that. All time PR is 450. Superdrol is a hella of a drug.

Nail in the Coffin Cuts done. I will maintain this weight and leanness but after todays workout I am too strong to cut LOL

Im going to try benching 3x per week again. I think with no Low Bar and minimal assistance this will work. Squat 3x per week and Deads once. I actually think backing down on Dead frequency will be key for better Dead workouts. Time will tell.

and of course…

download (8)

I got a “CBD” brownie with my name on it.

Quads and Lats
1s at 405-495-545-585
Pullups 5x8
Football Rows
Banded Face Pulls
Concentration Curls

Knee felt mostly good. Its pretty annoyed right now. Lower back is kind of lit too. Very happy with how 585 move though. Pretty sure aside from that Pause Squat I havent had anything close to 4 plates on my back in over a month.

If anybody else needs some inspiration through these or any times this woman is pretty bad ass.

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Bench…I mean Chest
Bench Press
3x5 at 315
Board Press
2x10 at 225
Skull Crushers

Good workout, def not super strong but I got the work in. I really think this benching 3x per week will be better for BBing and form rather than top end strength…but time will tell.

Ok Work was shit so YouTube’s and nap the rest of the day.

Dont be Jealous but we have watched Mama Mia 1 and/or 2 like 300 times each since Quarantine started. I would love to live on that island though.

Hamtrings and Lats
Dead Hook and Deadstop
2 at 270kg
Pullups 10 x 8
Banded Face Pull
Concentration Curls

All things considered I am very happy with that 270 double. PR deadstop and PR Hookgrip for reps. I was feeling a bit beat up but we got it done. Dropped Squats and Rows but doubled Pullup work.

So I have missed all my injections for about 2 weeks because I didnt have a set plan or reason to be “on” so hormone levels are getting dangerously Natty (LOL). Also stopped SD a few days ago.

BUT NOW I HAVE A PLAN!!! My strength levels are right where I would want them to start a blast and Powerlifting Prep/Peak/Taper. But I need to get healthy in my knee. So I am going to cruise and get healthy and maintain as much as I can on Bench and Deadlift (while also working very hard on grip). Then when I feel ready it will be BLAST OFF time and then a quick 2 week taper into a Mock Meet when I am ready.

Road to 1800, HERE WE GOOOO!!!


Bench Press
3x2 at 365
Board Press
5 at 315
Skull Crushers

Good workout. Mild muscle soreness but no delt pain etc so huge win. I still hate this bench. Its super wide but with zero pad so I need a plate just to get the bar to my chest which pushes my delts out of position at about 2 inches off the chest. I have looked at a pad to put on it and also just a whole new bench and I think I will have to pull the trigger on one of them.

LEAN BULK GOAL: 105kg and not sloppy
Mini Cut Triggers:
If I lose upper quad separation.
If my love handles start to spill out of shorts.
Lower abs disappear? Not sold on this.

I think if I get too sloppy my gainz will actually slow plus I want to be 2-4 weeks out from Beach body form.

Training: Starting a bit of a volume/strength block. Kind of to aid the bulk but mostly to give my joints a break while I let my Knee heal. If all goes well I should be ready to rock in 3 weeks.

I will drop working sets, assistance and full workouts as needed. Week #4 is actually just the “Forever” Week which is what it sounds like. A week meant to be ran forever deloading as needed. These numbers should be a significant undershoot.



Deadlift RELOAD

3x5 at 345

That was fkn brutal. Just picking up the plates felt heavy AF. Plus my lower back is getting fkt. Today I got a bit more horizontal than I think I will need to in the future to protect my knee and it worked. Squats were pain free in my knee. SI area was pretty pissed though.

Skipped all my back work. I will make it up tomorrow.

LOL Diets: I ate pretty ridiculous yesterday (and for like the 3 days before that). I had my normal couple meals of potatoes, broth, spinach and 100g of meat but then I had a grilled cheese, grilled cheese and beef, PB&J, PB&Nutella, a donut and a bunch of other candy. Easily 6k calories. Today I woke up tight and lighter. It wasnt in my head my belt fit on the 4.5 hole and that either ties a PR for the year is outright a PR.

Typical Meal 3-4 Times:

~200g Potatoes
Splash of Spinach
100g Meat or 4-5 Eggs
Some Broth (Sodium and Flavor)

I know that low calorie and filling foods like that seem like a silly choice but I really like eating too much. So those 3-4 meals get me all the Potassium, Sodium, Fiber and Micronutrients I need to eat like an idiot the rest of the day. Plus I really like that meal, especially with eggs.


Fried PB and Nutella in the background. In the foreground. Chicken with cheese, guac, Carolina reaper salsa. My sandwich game is getting up there.

Bikini Bulk Start Point:
99.05kg (lost weight again! LOL fk my body)
45cm Neck
65cm Right Leg
66cm Left Leg
46cm Right Arm
45.5cm Left Arm
91cm Vacuum
Navy BF% 15.8

OK TIme to grow. Goal is 105kg Weight, 60cm Arms all while having a 80cm vacuum. Totally doable I think.

Jokes aside I really think my Arms will grow a bunch on this program. I know I am doing minimal direct arm work but my arms always responded best to Pullups and Heavy Rows and that is what I am doing 3 times a week. Plus Bench 3x per week. Chest should grow too which is my chronically lagging body part…along with all the other ones except traps and glutes.

back bi

front double bi

Front Most Musclular

side tri