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Bikecycle Thread


I wanted to see if there were any other bicycle enthusiast in here so I thought I would make a thread for it. I guess I was a little inspired from watching the tour de France.

Show off your set of wheels. Talk about routes and different trails or even questions about the more technical aspects of bicycling. Mountain and road bike and everything inbetween conversation is welcome.

My babies are my Centurion Le Mans RS from the 80s for the road. It could use some components like I'd like to change the lever shifting to shifters on the handle bars and switch out saddles. The current saddle is way to hard and a little too 'friendly'. Some new break line pedals would be very useful too.

The other one is 96 Gary Fisher X-caliber. Fine frame on it although some of the components need fixed, primarily the shocks. Improved breaks would be good too but I can work with the way it is now.


Hi kiddo,

I ride a 2009 Ridley Orion road bike. I dont ride much in the winter(its winter here in Oz-land) due to the cold weather, dark nights and I play futbol in the winter. Its more of a summer time thing.

I usually go on 30-40km rides, which is more of a sprint. Great for cardiovascular fitness, and as long as you eat heaps and dont ride more than 150km a week, you can still ride while lifting weights and still make gains.

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What's your favorite on the road/trail nutrition? So far all I've got are bananas and gatoraid for electrolytes, potasium, water, carbs, and ease of digestion. I can't afford the fancy stuff Biotest sales here like ANACONDA and Surge Workout Fuel.


Hi buddy.
Because I only ride short rides, I usually only need a bottle of gatorade with me. If im riding over than 50km(which is rare), then I might take some glucose/amino acids gel I get from the local bike shop.

I always have some plum jam on sourdough toast and a strong macchiato before I go out for a ride.

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I'd love to get a bike. I watch TDF every year and every year I swear I'm going to buy one and then I go check prices of things made in the last 5 years and cringe.


Check Craig's list. A lot of people buy a new bike every year or two and can because they sale or trade in there old bikes. Also, if you look for family business type bike shops, you can often find great deals if your willing to put in some time, work and a little money to get the bike up to speed. Just look around their 'bike graveyard'.

I have a 96 mtn. bike and a mid 80's road bike and I love them both and both are a heck of a lot better than any bike you can find at walmart. You don't need something fancy to enjoy the bike, just make sure it's quality and won't fall apart. Trek, Giant, Gary Fisher, and Specialized come to mind for mtn. bikes. I'm really not to familiar with road bikes. Maybe Bird can chime in.

On Craig's list, my brother found a Specialized model from a couple years ago for half the price you would in a bike shop. Granted he still shelled out a grand lol. Good luck.


This is the bird chiming in...

Fletch makes a good point about getting a quality bike to enjoy your riding. Giant probally makes the cheapest quality road bikes, as they are mass produced in Taiwan(I think).
If your just riding for fitness/fun, you will probally be looking at spending 1500-2500 for a decent bike. While if you want to ride with the fanatical bike people, you are looking at spending 5000+.
Helmets, lights, lycra, tools... it all adds up, so I suggest buying a cheaper bike first to make sure you enjoy riding, and then after a couple of years if you are still riding I would go out and buy your dreammachine!!

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I got my GF used for under a $100 and it took around 200-300 to make it trail-worthy. The Centurion took very little. Just some basic maintenance (oiling the chain, new tape for the handle bars, adjusting the gears so they shift smoothly, and I'll need new break pads but I found a bike out by a dumpster that I'm going to take the break pads from). I got it for $65.


Just a warning about buying 2nd hand bikes. If your buying a carbon bike, you will want to get it X-rayed to check for any micro-cracks that can occur with any impact(ie in a crash/accident).

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2011 Gary Fisher Rig (love my single speed 29er)


2009 Specialized Stumpjumper (seldom ridden after the above purchase)


2010 Specialized P3 (built myself for dirt, park, and street fun)


Anybody have any comments regarding the compatibility of riding a bike and making gains in the gym?
Just wondering what your thoughts and experience are. As im looking to increasing my road milage soon.

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Prioritize posterior chain training. Also make sure you do exercises that force you into good posture like rows and facepulls. I hardly do any exercises that prefer the quads over the posterior chain. Also make sure your hamstring and hip flexibility stays up to par. And I think you mentioned already, eat like a horse.

For Mtn. biking and powerlifting at the same time, you really have to watch your joints. I just found out how much punishment my ankle can take by spraining it today mtn. biking earlier today lol. My wrists and elbows can take a beating too from the combined efforts so I've started wearing more protective gear while lifting and more often. After I get new shocks for my Gary Fisher, I'll be getting the elbow sleeves from elitefts for benching and squatting.


My brother has one that's the same model except a couple years older. He loves the thing.


Finally got some new breaks. I'm about to try them on the trails. The front breaks have gotten real sticky so I lubed the fuck out of them on the line and the lever everywhere I could lol. Works better in shop, time to see how it does on the trail.

Anyone else had bad break line sticking problems?


Usually for sticky V brakes the solution is as simple as either replacement of the cable/housing and/or pulling the brake calipers off the studs, cleaning the crap off that builds up on them (the studs) and then using a nice grease such as phil wood before reinstalling the calipers.

Unless you treat your bike like absolute shit to the point where the calipers completely seize up, that should solve your problem 9 times out of 10.


WD40ing the crap out of the line and lever components did the trick with the new calipers I got. What happened to the old front ones is that one of the bearings was completely shot and the right spring for the pin was broken too. I went ahead and replaced the rear ones too because they were from a cheap walmart bike.

The other fix I made was putting engine oil in the seat post shocks since they didn't have lubricating oil anymore. I know it's not a perfect fix, but it's light years ahead of where it was lol.

It's been over a week since I've ridden so it was little rough today, but doable.


Saw a man unloading 2 1980-something Schwinn Mesa Runners to donate to Goodwill. Great condition. Early mountain bikes, but not as heavy duty as today's newer ones, and only 12 speeds. Big deal, it's a great hybrid/commuter ride. BTW, I offered to buy one of them from him, and let him donate the other. I asked him if he would take $5 for one. He agreed. Six years, and the only expense has been a new front tire.


Northwest of Atlanta is the Silver Comet trail, which is a paved path that runs to the Alabama line. From there, it becomes another trail into Alabama. Runs through some gorgeous scenery in the rural areas.