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Bike Stolen


locked gate
front wheel of bike locked to the bike frame

was there yesterday
wasn't there this morning

no signs of forced entry on the gate
my housemates bike left untouched

called police
report theft
report suspicions of housemates wrongdoing
(he is an arse, but i didn't think he was a thief)

what the hell do i do next?
honestly i feel like waking him up by cutting his achilles tendons and then torturing the truth out of him


buy a new bike?


you think your housemate did this? sounds like it was kinda easy to make off with, maybe only yours was taken because there was only one theif


Well there's a rational thought if I've ever heard one...if it was a prank you'll get your bike back in a few days, chill aBROham lincoln.


I enjoyed the near-haiku writing style.


It's a bike. Not a life or a car. Go buy a new one, and this time keep it in a safer place. Like indoors.


Have you priced bikes lately? Replacing my mountain bike would be about 2500$


What kind of lock did you use?


number one you locked it wrong. you have to lock the frame to something solid.
number two get a good lock.masterlock street cuffs are kinda expensive ($50) but any thief who gets through deserves get your bike


True. With that kind of investment, don't you think security measures should be a bit more solid than the wheel locked to the frame?


Check local pawn shops and internet websites like Craigslist. A lot of stolen property shows up at places like this.


My triathlon bike was stolen last week as well. It was an almost $4,000 bike.

I'm in the process of filing a claim with my insurance company to get it replaced.

You have renters/home owners insurance right OP?


holy shit. i thought bikes were like 100 dollars


Incorrect, bikes are free...you just have to find someone who didn't put their lock on correctly heh


hahahahaha. I like this post massively.


We used to steal each others bikes when I was a kid, then paint them rustoleum black and switch out some of the parts. The way to get someone back was to steal theirs, which was previously stolen from someone else, painted black and switched out with other parts.

The best way to track down who stole your bike was to walk around the neighborhood until you smelled freshly drying spray paint, then ambush the culprit with firecrackers and cans of flaming wd-40. Rip their bike off in the confusion and pain that ensues. After about a year it all settled out because everybody had each others bikes and it was pretty much square.

Op, you should do this.


This is awesome, but the "heh" at the end clinches it!


Dude it's a bike. Next time keep it in your room if it means that much to you. Just think, cars cost a LOT more.


He never stated that it was a high end mountain bike, you just added that yourself.


what does a $4000 bike do for you that a cheaper bike wouldnt?