Bike Riding?

hey, i read lebron james goes for a long bike ride everymorning… would this be beneficial to me if i started to do that as a basketball player at the gaurd postion? what are all the benefts of this?

I don’t know about long bike rides, but bike riding is fun. And it’s a no-impact workout. Until you crash and hit the ground. And you can do intervals: sprint up hills and coast down.

it will do nothing to improve your basketball skills, regardless of which position you play.

it will, however, make you a better bicycle rider.

Yeah, he probably just does it for fun, or relaxation, or takes a stroll on the bike to think things through and stuff. Could be a number of different things, but I don’t think at all to improve his basketball.


He does it for Aerobic fitness I would guess. Whos going to be more likely to be able to play a full four quarters of basketball - the guy who does or doesnt go on a long bike ride every morning (except the morning of the game).

It’s simple Aerobic fitness. It would be beneficial, but I wouldn’t only do that, obviously there are a lot of things you can do. Also, going for a long bike ride when you aren’t used to that with or without normal basketball practice would be a bad idea. So like anything you have to start small and work up to longer. obviously there is a point of diminishing returns though, you probably don’t need to do Lance Armstrong like workouts :wink:

He drives - avoids the flame - he shoots - he scores - Aerobic fitness is #1

How long is long? I would limit it to one hour. And you can switch between different levels of intensity endurance, and interval.

wouldnt riding work your leg endurace? i went for a long ride down the dirt roads by my place yesterday afternoon and i got a super good burn in my legs, esepecailly quads… could this be good for endurance… that needed for long running and edurance on the court… needed to rise up for a jumper or get into the lane? also it seemed to get my cardio goin also.

cycling could be good and bad for a basketball player. It could lower vertical jump height, but it will also increase aerobic and anaerobic (if sprints are done) fitness. Overall I would see it as a benefit.

As for building endurance, cycling is great. After years of road racing and training 10+hrs a week, I never get tired during any normal sporting event/game.

i heard the loss of vertical leap somewhere too… but wouldnt it keep increasing since i lift hard every 2nd day. i have ambitions of playing junior college ball next year, im taking a year off… i just graduated… and i plan on playin after juco. too if i can .

Today in intro to coaching class, we learned that every anaerobic function - lactic or alactic is dependent on the aerobic system. By developing the aerobic system you are able to recover from jumping up for a rebound to get the ball on defense, then to be able to do it again on the other end when you slam dunk it.

Obviously anyone can recover from this once or twice, but if you are jumping all game, and your max height barely allows you to dunk in the first place, then you will have trouble at the end if your aerobic system isn’t developed a decent amount. Obviously you have to balance things out - too much cycling and you become a cyclist - not a well trained basketball player.

Obviously using dunking as an example is easily flamed. But if you can jump 1 inch higher at the end of the game than you would have it could mean the difference between a turnover or not.

It’s important, but it is important to balance it - you obviously don’t want to do it to the point that it hurts your vertical jump a great deal. (which would mean doing a lot of it, a lot more than an hour a day, assuming you do stuff to keep your muscles strong ie weight training.)