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Bike Riding VS Squats

I’m averaging 59+ miles/week on my road bike with an average speed of 17mph and a cadence of 60+ rpm. Would this be more beneficial than having a day dedicated to leg training?

PS: Sorry if this topic has been discussed before I ran a search and was unable to come up with anything.

It really depends on what kind of legs you’re after. If you want biker legs, this will do fine. If you want truly powerful BB/OL/Powerlifter legs, you need to squat. There really is no substitute. Considering the volume you’re throwing at them now, I’d recommend a lower-volume workout with emphasis on relative strength.

More beneficial? Don’t you think that it might be at least a LITTLE dependant on your goals? Are you training for a cycling event, a powerlifting show, or a bodybuilding contest?

Uhh… what are your goals, exactly? And keep your RPM’s above 100 or else you’ll kill your knees.

Riding your bike won't increase your strength or size (unless you're sprint racing on that angled track thing for the Olympics) so a day of light leg training or two a week would be a good addition to your biking...

No! If you are actually trying to increase the size and strength of your legs.

Maybe. If you're only goal is to improve your aerobic performance.

I aiming for well defined legs/calves that’ll match my upper body, not some crazy-ass BB style legs (no offense). I have notice an increase, size-wise in my hams and quads (or maybe its the layer of fat shedding away).

100% Alberta Beef: what do you mean by keeping cadence above 100rpm? I’m having no trouble with my knees at the moment…is this something that happens after years of cycling at a cadence lower than 100rpm? From my experience hurting knees comes from a seat post too high or low and well as the seat position.

thanks for the feedback guys.