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Bike Nutrition

I am starting to ride my bike to work, which is a 24mile ride each way. What is the best nutrition for pre/peri/post riding? Any tips or suggestions would be awesome!

Thanks in advance

Goals? Weight? Training Regimen? Carb Sensitivity?

24 miles one way? fuck that, gas is cheaper now you know :stuck_out_tongue:

as trenchant said. also, is it hilly or flat?

half a gallon of Gatorade or orange juice.

I ride my bike around 14 miles a day, this seems to get me through

I ride about 20miles a day to work, gym and home.

I’m bulking, so I eat about 800kcal extra, as well as some form of energy drink after a cycle.

24 miles one way? Damn, that’s gonna take some time. It takes me about 30 min to cycle 10 miles.

Thanks for pointing out the gas, jehovasfitness, it’s about time too. When I drive I take a longer road because of it being without lights versus the other one gets packed with traffic that I can whiz by on bike and it be about the same travel time.

I’m not lifting right now, but I am going to pick back up with Staley’s EDT program, which I have enjoyed in the past.

I’m not riding for a goal right now except for the added weight loss advantage and it being faster than driving. I want to eat/recover well enough to continue doing it 2-3 times a week and not feel like shit going into work or coming home (first month excluded). My current weight is 212lbs, 2 years of on and off weights/riding. Former football player, fat in the belly strong on the legs. Would like to get this padding off.

Anything else I can provide to get a good suggestion let me know.

Well if you are trying to loose weight and you areen’t lifting too much right now, I’d keep your carbs (if you’re having any at all) around your biking time. In fact, you could possibly have the carbs only right after so that you can start doing a little more fat oxidation while biking. Just a thought, though

My daily nutrition is usually good dosages of oil blends, 35-40grams protein via shake each meal, which is usually a spinach salad with 2tsp of feta and olive oil, and almonds through out the day. I do not really eat a bunch of carbs except for breakfast 1/2 cup quinoa and for times I’m out with the wife and she wants to split something.

Where’s your whole food? Chicken? Beef? Fish?

You’re “eating” salad and protein shakes.

Sorry, meant to have “chicken” added to the salad… With my ride starting at 5:30AM, is there a recommendation for nutrition just before bed?