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BigRedDog's Training Log

Hey guys.

 First just want to say I really appreciate this site. I've learned so many new things in the past 5-6 months that I've browsed here. T-Nation posters are always brutally honest, and that's what I want to implement in my training.

I need opinions, being only in 8th grade I don’t have any serious training partners, only the occasional other football player who will go and lift with me.

I have worked with a “Personal Trainer” last summer, and to some great success. I gained 25 pounds of muscle, which is normally expected through changing to a clean diet, as well as those “Newbie Gains.” He was a good guy, and trained athletes at the University of Iowa, and now trains in Texas.

He got me started on a split body routine, which I preferred to a full-body workout, so that Is kind of where I’d like to stay.

I’m lifting to improve my athletic performance primarily, but must admit I also do it for aesthetic purposes as well. I mean hell, who doesn’t?

My main sports are as of now Basketball and Football.


Weight: 155lbs (as of now)
Height: 5’11"
Shoe Size: 12
Body Fat %: Not sure, assuming somewhere around 10%
Arms: N/A
Legs: N/A
Vertical: N/A


Bench Press (1RM): 175lbs.
Shrug (1RM): around 275lbs.
Squat (1RM): To Be Determined
Deadlift (1RM): To Be Determined

Will post more lift stats later.


Fish Oil
Whey Protein

Any other supplements I should consider?

Given that it is almost summer, I want to try to gain at least 10lbs or so more of muscle, but I’m trying to keep as lean as possible, though I know that always isn’t possible.

I will post my workouts and diets regularly. Stay tuned

Opinions? Critique? I’m open to anything.


Workout: Off day today. However I’m going to do some things around the house such as box jumps, one legged deadlifts, etc.

Ham Sandwhich on whole wheat bread

Bowl of Pasta mixed with green and red peppers

Bowl of yogurt mixed with a cup of raisin bran and a serving of whey protein

Whole grain wheat thins with sliced cheddar cheese

16oz of 1% Milk

Snack: Bowl of almonds and a cup of milk

Run: Well, I was bored as most of my friends and girlfriend are gone for the day, so I went for a run. Stopped after 4 miles. Felt real good, broke a sweat despite the 25? Iowa Weather.

Grilled Chicken Breast

Baked Potato


Bowl of Pasta Salad

16oz. of milk


Weighed in at: 156

Food Today- Not my best day nutritionally…

2 pieces whole wheat toast, w/ PB
1 bowl of Raisin Bran
16 oz. milk
8 oz. Orange Juice

Before lunch Snack:
2 servings of almonds

2 Cheeseburgers

After School Snack:
1 Whole wheat bagel
1 Can of Raviolli
Glass of Water

Pre-Workout Food
1 cup yogurt
1 serving Whey
1 cup Raisin bran
(All mixed)

After Workout Food
1 24oz Protein Shake
1 Protein Bar

2 Chicken Breast
1 Bowl of pasta
1 Apple
1 Roll
1 Glass of Milk

1 Bagel
1 Bowl of Kix
Glass of OJ

How’s my food looking? Lunch is hard to be healthy for I have to eat school lunch, but I try the best I can.