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Bigpulls' Meet Results


Congrats to bigpulls first 600 at 212! Pulled it easy with another 15-20 pounds in the bank.



Thanks ASlater. It was nice to finally get that elusive 600. I guess 4th times the charm.




Thanks Adamsson! I changed up my training quite a bit and it seemed to pay off.


Care to share?

i'm never too sure how to train my DL and I'd love to hear what someone with a near triple bodyweight pull does.


Good Job.


I'd love to share. Let me preface this by saying that we pull every other saturday and squat every tuesday.
I only work up to one heavy set on the deadlift so my volume is pretty low. This time I put my suit on for 4 workouts and never went below 3 reps. I was at 4 reps raw (and never go higher) till the suit. My suit workouts were 485,505,525,545( my last pull before the meet was 545X3). 485 was pretty light for the first suit workout but it turned out ok. All working sets are paused so its really like 3 singles. Heavy jumps shrugs and abs follow.
On non-deadlift saturdays I did reverse hypers, heavy jump shrugs, hamstring work, abs, calves and lat work.

Squat. Instead of pushing my squat hard like in the past, I just pushed reps. I had gone up to 425 with just briefs a few weeks before I started my dead cycle.Once I started I never went above 315. I started at 6 reps then added a set the following week. Once I got to 2 sets of 8 I added a third set, going up a rep but also by feel every week and making adjustments if needed on the weeks that I pulled. My last squat workout was only 1 set but I went up to 13 reps.

Hamstring work again followed the squat every week but I couldnt do as much on tuesdays because my hammies were fried from squatting.Regular assistance work followed. Chins, abs, calves.
I usually make my last pull 2 weeks before the meet but this time it was 3 because I was off a week. I didnt know what to do so I rack pulled off of a medium height pin(600 to feel it). That weight felt fine. Did no lifting week of the meet. Sorry this is so long. I hope it makes sense.



When are we going to start hitting the deadlift hard again? Got any plans figured out yet? Ill be saturday and Ill pull to see where Im at. Please do me a favor and dont use the word "hammies" cable guy while at the gym.



Hoprfully this pic works


Here is a link to a better version of the same picture.


What's the difference with using a short or long bar when DL-ing.


What do you mean long or short? Are you talking about different types of deadlift bars?


You are a solid mofo. Nice pull


By short I mean like curs bar. There is no long bar for DL-ing in my gym so I use the curl bar. Is there any difference in leverage, by that I mean is it harder or easyer to lift with the short bar.


maybe im thinking of the wrong bar but.. how does the bar even support the weight without bending. its so tiny lol. and how do you grip it cause its bent all weird


I don't mean the EZ bar, but straight curl bar.And it doesn't bent, the long bar will bend far more quicker than the short one. I have the long one for bench press but it's a lot smoother than the curls bar so it slips from my hands. The curls (short) bar is rough enough so I can DL much more weight.


Im not sure what a short curl bar is. Usually something like a Texas Power bar is used for benching. The length is the same as the Okie(Oklahoma) or the Eliko deadlift bars. The Okie has a fair amount of flex and bends before the weight comes off of the ground. The Eliko has flex but not near as much, however more than something like a Texas bar. Are you allowed chalk in your gym?


Thanks TDog305


That's the prob. I can't use chalk, yet. Waiting for a new hardcore gym to open. I't would be much more easyer with the chalk since I don't use any kind of help, just my hands and blisters.


That's great thanks a mil. Do you mind me asking what sorta progress you saw on your squat??

Did it go up, down or jsut stay the same? thanks again!!